The Moral Flexibility Of Today’s Left, Illustrated

On the one hand, you support – or at least sympathize with – “Antifas”,  By Any Means Necessary, ACT UP, the Chavezistas, ALF and ELF, the people who pepper-sprayed and physically attacked a peaceful Trump rally at the MN State Capitol twice

…but you’re mortified that Greg Gianforte pushed a reporter who’d grabbed him.

(With a nod to Walter Hudson)

11 thoughts on “The Moral Flexibility Of Today’s Left, Illustrated

  1. And Henry Rollins would have totally skewed that finding. It’s been awhile since took statistics, but I’d say a sample size of 171 people is pretty small.

  2. I watch these elections with interest. The MSM is openly anti-Trump and anti-GOP these days. Election results are real data.
    I knew a few days ago that a Gianforte win was almost certain when I read a small, one paragraph piece that said the Dems were pulling all of their money out of the Montana race.
    Gianforte won by six points (NPR saved that data for paragraph 5 here:
    Six points. And the Dems thought they had a chance. And the GOP candidate was arrested a few days before the election for physically assaulting a journalist (I know, 2/3 of the votes had been cast by then, but still . . .).
    The race for Georgia’s sixth House district will be decided on June 20. It is likely the Dems will lose it. Perez is explicitly racializing that election (the Dem, Ossof, is as white as a Velveeta & mayonnaise on white bread sandwich, and does not live in the district, but never mind).
    We have a Democrat Party that seems to lack all Democratic appeal.

  3. From WaPo, supposedly a non-editorial “news” story:
    “The Daily 202: Gianforte’s victory after assaulting reporter reflects rising tribalism in American politics”

    And here is The Federalist on Congressman Jim Moran (retired 2014):
    Moran was violent, misogynist, and anti-Semitic. He was also a crook. A Democrat, the WaPo never, ever associated Moran’s antics with any president or any political party.

  4. This post goes well with the one above.

    Please note dumbocRats will be dancing in the streets saying they won because gianforte only won by six points. This is what winning means to them nowadays.

  5. And Kaine’s son and others are facing charges in Saint Paul:
    “Kaine’s son, Linwood, is charged with fleeing on foot, concealing identity in a public place and obstructing legal process. Five others are facing similar charges.”

    I tell ‘ya, someone is having a good laugh over this. In Europe commie partisans wore red to identify themselves to other commies. Fascists wore black.

  6. Love this statement from Kaine’s spokesman:
    “Today’s announcement of misdemeanor charges against Senator Kaine’s son contains no suggestion that he engaged in disruptive behavior while at the rally, but are instead focused on his actions as he was arrested after he left. Tim and Anne support their son and hope the matter is resolved soon.”
    Not left, fled, chased by the police.
    If you make these people pay a price, they will vanish like smoke. A felony conviction will destroy any hope of a career in the law, government, or a non-profit, or basically any profession where you have to handle or account for money. Or work with the public.
    These are trustafarians. They’ve never had to deal with a major life setback before. Getting a “C” in a course probably resulted in a crying jag and threats to the grading prof.
    One dude, Bueckner, is a Canadian.
    I hate it when foreigners meddle in US politics. Deport him after his felony conviction.

  7. *

    This election is about whether the Democratic Party, the ruling class’s enforcer, will impose its tastes more strongly and arbitrarily than ever, or whether constituencies opposed to that rule will get some ill-defined chance to strike back.

    From the primary season’s outset, the Democratic Party’s candidates promised even more radical “transformations.”

    trumps the freedom of persons to associate or not with whomever they wish, and is being taken to mean that it trumps the free exercise of religion as well, bakers and photographers are forced to take part in homosexual weddings. A commission in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts reported that even a church may be forced to operate its bathrooms according to gender self-identification because it “could be seen as a place of public accommodation

    The ruling class having chosen raw power over law and persuasion, the American people reasonably concluded that raw power is the only way to counter it, and looked for candidates who would do that.

    Co-option is the path to power.

    Under our ruling class, “truth” has morphed from the reflection of objective reality to whatever has “normative pull”—i.e., to what furthers the ruling class’s agenda, whatever that might be at any given time.

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