Count Your Technological Blessings

Autocorrect mixed blessing.  Especially with voice-to-text – which has caused me a problem or two on this blog over the past couple years.

But I’m reminded…

…there’s an upside

2 thoughts on “Count Your Technological Blessings

  1. I remember when an Air Force Colonel prevented nuclear war by NOT overreacting to an increase in Soviet alert levels in Eastern Europe in reaction to our own military maneuvers (which they worried were a ruse for a first strike) after Reagan deployed the Pershing II to Europe. I’m grateful and glad someone had a more level head than the hateful neo-cons who were in such lock-step with the simplistic message of Reagan.

  2. I look forward to a time when people can discuss political topics and not play the part of “the partisan fool/tool”.

    I don’t know if you’ll be around then, Penigma.

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