Berg’s Eighth Law (“American liberalism’s reaction to one of “their”constituents – women, gays or people of color – running for office or otherwise identifying as a conservative is indistinguishable from sociopathic disorder”) gets overshadowed by the Seventh and, lately, the Eighteenth Laws.

But it is no less universal – as that noted conservative tool, the City Pages, noted last week.   As we noted two weeks ago, new MNGOP chair Jennifer Carnahan stomped down hard on a fairly racist Facebook meme posted by the 7th CD.   Even the City Pages approved:

For her part, Carnahan did everything right, wasting no time publicly apologizing and demanding the resignation of the person responsible.

But Berg’s Eighth Law reared its head:

But as news of the Ellison post spread, hate mail started piling up in Carnahan’s Facebook Messenger. People didn’t seem to care that she wasn’t the person who created the post. They called her a racist. They demanded she step down. They were all from people who hate racism, presumably, though some were plenty racist themselves.

They certainly were:

They apparently missed the relatively dispositive fact that Carnahan didn’t, y’know, actually write or post the “Goat-Humper” meme herself.

If you’re black, Asian, Latino, gay or female, Big Left hates you.

4 thoughts on “Deranged

  1. The left/progressives fully embrace the fallacy that unremitting coarseness and vulgarity makes their argument unassailable.
    This is more ‘baby boomer’ cultural detritus. They made vulgarity an integral part of their 60s-70s ‘counter-culture’. Imagine how titillating it was for them to use language their parents disapproved of in public. Their addiction to the affectations of rebellious prepubescence is one of their lasting influences.

  2. I spent the first thirty years of my life in Minnesota. I have lived both in Minneapolis (U of M area), Fridley, and West Saint Paul.
    It is clear to me that this is the old cities versus suburbia/exurbia rivalry. It has nothing to do with any immigrants, it is the urbanites expressing contempt for their fellow Minnesotans. If the people in the burbs are wicked, it is a moral imperative to deny them political political power. They must be the ruled, not the rulers.

  3. Most reprobate leftists are repressed racists; the hate festers in them like a volcano caldera. Incidents like this act like vents, allowing them to spew all the hate they have been holding in until they fall back into the murky water of the swamp, temporarily spent.

  4. Mac, as anyone that knows me will tell you, I’m no stranger to the four letter word. But I’ve found my match in most leftist women. The fetid bile that pours out of their pie holes in unbelievable. Turrets syndrome: One more manifestation of liberal mental illness.

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