Speaking Justice To Power

On March 4, a group of thugs, concealed in an un-permitted counterprotest, attacked a pro-Trump rally in the Rotunda at the State Capitol; a 17 year old girl was punched, at least one man was maced by someone who was trying to crash through a group of Trump supporters to disrupt the peaceful pro-Trump rally, a woman was hit in the head by a smoke bomb – an incendiary device…

…and you have already spent more time reading this than Ramco Attorney John Choi spent in deciding not to press charges against the six upper-middle-class snowflakes that were arrested, incuding Linwood Kaine, son of Hillary Clinton’s veep candidate.

They are, of course, the children of the golf buddies of the city’s DFL establishment, or at least the children of similar Democrat apparatchiks elsewhere.  Urban Liberal Privilege grants them a separate, unequal, nicer brand of justice than the rest of us get.

But there’s an effort afoot to change that.  The “Protecting Civil Discourse” rally on March 18 demanded that the Ramco and Saint Paul City Attorneys offices actually listen to the actual evidence, and follow the logical conclusion and charge the snowflakes.

Calls and emails are eminently appropriate:

Of course, John Edwards was right – there are Two Americas.  The children of our misbegotten “elite” live in one of them, where people with the right political backing can beat people up, block freeways and vandalize not merely freely, not merely at will, but with a nudge and a wink from the powers that be.

Time to let those powers know we’re watching.

8 thoughts on “Speaking Justice To Power

  1. Using Hortman Logic©, when an issue that is important to you isn’t receiving the attention you feel it deserves, the thing to do is hurl raciss insults. The recipient of your insults is directed to measure the level of importance to you by the vehemence of your invective.

    So, shoot Choi’s office an e-mail, and tell him to get off his dog eatin’, kim chee stinkin’, yellow Azz and do his job.

    Tell him Melissa Hortman sent you.

  2. Are there legal remedies for a a prosecutor refusing to follow obvious evidence, or is it simply a matter of voting them out of office?

  3. Mitch, I have three attempts at a comment waiting in moderation. Changed words, don’t know what the problem is. Why are your comments held to a different standard than other Disqus sites? I detect racissss

  4. And this isn’t a Disqus site. It’s just a plain old fashioned WordPress site.

    I’m going to suspect you used SOME word – no idea which on a casual glance – which tripped my always-up-to-date mod filter.

    Not sure what’s up with that. But it’s a small price to pay compared with the spam comment misery I had when the site was Movable Type (2004-2006). Yuck.

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  6. There’s a bridge somewhere in a warmer clime, under which LInwood Kaine will establish residency. He could potentially become a chem/dep counselor one day, but he’s still riding the elevator up. The descent comes later.

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