A Fools’ Sanctuary

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

We won’t cooperate in enforcing federal law.  But we still want the federal gravy

 Liberals are big on equal outcomes, right?  Everything has to be equal in order to be fair?  Okay, then.  Treat them like kids in grade school.  When someone farted and wouldn’t own up, everybody skipped recess. 

 If any city in the nation refuses to cooperate with federal law enforcement official, no city in the nation gets federal funding.  End it.

 I’d bet a brand-new nickel the cities that were in compliance weren’t the ones sucking up the biggest share of the funds.  Let’s turn off the spigot and see who cracks first.

 Joe Doakes

The bluff is overwhelming.

7 thoughts on “A Fools’ Sanctuary

  1. That is disgusting. Leftists love to push everyone around with Federal power to no good end. Look at the ACA. Go Trump.

  2. This just shows how communist run cities can’t bear the thought of having their checkbook for accessing other people’s money, taken away. Perhaps if they ran their cities on an actual budget, they wouldn’t need fed money. But then, if they did that, some of their voter influence, I mean social handout funds would be unavailable. Gotta love libidiot financial acumen! I know, that’s an oxymoron.

  3. I had a retail job in an urban area there a million years ago. I loved the extreme diversity (both coworkers and customers) except it was very obvious to me then that our legal and illegal immigration policy was causing social problems (at the very least). My antenna has been way up on this stuff ever since.

  4. Joe: I want federal gravy. I don’t want to jump through hoops to get it, either. You’re a lawyer – where do I sign up? Tell me offline. I can keep a secret.

  5. Why do the feds give money to cities? I’m sure that they want the money, but if you had to argue that the feds, rather than the state or local taxpayers, should hand out 4.1 billion to cities, how would you do it? What would be the basis of your argument?

  6. As I understand it, any money that is allotted to these America hating, reprobate infested urban rat-holes by law is untouchable, but grants are fair game.

    I was reading the LA times on Monday, and was amazed at the billions in federal grant loot California vacuums up every year. I think taking an axe to this giveaway is good practice even if the *do* stop harboring murderers, thieves, rapists and drug dealers they feel they need at election time.

    We need that cash to build that wall.

  7. This is hilarious:

    San Francisco has already filed suit against the Trump administration over the executive order, also citing the 10th Amendment. “This strikes at the heart of established principles of federalism and violates the United States Constitution,” attorneys for the city and county of San Francisco wrote in its complaint.

    Here is what liberals thought of the tenth amendment back in 2001:

    Constitutional Myth #7: The 10th Amendment Protects ‘States’ Rights’

    Today’s “Tenthers” seem to be yearning for the good old Articles of Confederation, not this newfangled left-wing Madison thing


    The Atlantic article basically says that the tenth amendment does not prevent the feds from doing what the constitution implies that it should do.
    You know, like enforce immigration laws.

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