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On Saturday, a rally at the state capitol asked Saint Paul and Ramco authorities to actually enforce the law against the spoiled children of their golf buddies.

Many people at the rally said they were concerned that not prosecuting the protesters would send the message that it’s acceptable to interrupt a peaceful event with noise and violence.

“It disturbs the heck out of me to see we’ve descended into lawlessness,” said James Brunsgaard of Hastings, who said he was sworn at and called a racist during the March 4 rally. “It disturbs me beyond belief.”

Several of the speakers expressed frustration that their event was disrupted, while recent Democratic or liberal-leaning events, like the Jan. 21 Women’s March, were not significantly disturbed.

No, let’s be honest:  we’re frustrated because while we, the good guys, will take a out permits that spell out the rules for where and when we can protest, and still get routinely shouted down and often attacked [1], groups in sync with the DFL’s agenda seem to have carte blanche to do whatever they feel like doing [2] with, as we saw on March 4 (and other instances [1]) no consequences whatsoever.

Why, it’s almost like:

  1. there’s a two-tiered system of “free speech” and “justice” in the Twin Cities, and
  2. they – not just the protesters, but the DFL on the official level – are trying to provoke frustration that breaks out into a fight, which will in turn confirm, finally, the left’s long-standing claim that there’s a frothing undercurrent of violence on the right just dying to erupt.  Any day now.  Honest.  Seriously.

And there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it!

Here’s the problem:  on the one hand, “democracy” can only survive while people trust government and the “justice” system to be impartial.

On the other hand, the people with the upper hand in the Twin Cities – the DFL establishment – have no interest in democracy.

[1] Attacks on conservatives that I can recall off the top of my head:

  • Protesters shouted down Jeanne Kirkpatrick at the U of M in 1987.
  • The shutting down of conservative speakers at Saint Thomas in the mid-2000s
  • The selective enforcement of rules against protesting, ,applied with strict caprice against pro-life protesters and protesters at the Mexican Consulate, largely ignored against leftist protesters
  • The riots at the RNC in 2008
  • The repeated attacks on Trump supporters in Minneapolis in 2016 and, of course, this past March 4 in Saint Paul.

[2] Protesters on the left, on the other hand, got away with:

  • Closing down I-35 – without a permit.
  • Closing down I94 3-4 times – without a demonstration permit.
  • Closing down Snelling Avenue on the closing Saturday of the MN State Fair in 2015 – without a permit
  • Closing down the Green Line on the opening Sunday of the 2015 football season – without a permit.
  • Staging an un-permitted protest on March 4 for precisely the reason that they issue demonstration permits in the first place – to prevent violent confrontations – without any consequences.

7 thoughts on “The Club

  1. Of course, then there was the Trump rally at the Convention Center where the DFL establishment told the police to stand down. This was relayed to protesters that asked police officers why they were letting the protesters get away with their antics. In fact, the event security staff did more to protect the rights of the Trump supporters than MPD did.

    This weekend however, it appears that some California Trump supporters, who were also marching to raise money for veterans and police, finally had enough. After one of the miscreants sprayed a woman with pepper spray, a few of them ate some sand and were arrested, to the cheers of the marchers.

  2. Since the 1920s, the Europeans have referred to communist partisans as “red shirts” or “reds,” and fascist partisans as “black shirts” or “blacks.”
    Someone is having a good laugh at these guys.

  3. At some point, someone will be willing – indeed eager – to take one for the team. I don’t see how this ends well.

  4. If we did an inquiry of reporters in major metro newsrooms this so-called “two-tiered system of free speech and justice” would be translated this way:

    1) We’re right.

    2) You’re wrong.

    We shall report the findings as fact.

  5. What mnbubba says. When the police do not do their jobs when leftists are the perpetrators, the message is made very clearly to both sides, and the situation becomes far more dangerous. Hopefully we wake up when it’s just a matter of bruises and broken bones and not worse.

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