Leftist Justice – Saint Paul Style

Last weekend, a group of “anarchists” attacked a pro-Trump rally at the Minnesota State Capitol.    Thugs wearing helmets and masks sucker-punched and kicked unsuspecting peaceful demonstrators, and in one case sprayed mace into a crowd of people.

It was not a spontaneous event; they were quite obviously organized, equipped, and had planned for the event.

They sprayed what was described as “Bear Mace” into a crowd of unsuspecting people – which can easily be a lethal weapon for people with respiratory conditions.   There were six arrests.

The entire fracas was caught on film, in front of dozens of witnesses.  There is not problem showing the violence, brutality and intent of the event.

No matter.  They are aligned with the left against the right.  And in Saint Paul, that’s license to block streets, clog freeways…

…and now, to physically attack people with potentially lethal force.   Ramsey County has declined to charge the arrested protesters – four boys and two girls – with anything.

Monday, the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office said there were insufficient facts to prove felony-level riot. The attorney’s office said State Patrol has presented the case to the St. Paul City Attorney’s Office for consideration of misdemeanor charges.

That is bullshit, stacked high and deep.

If it were a bunch of rednecks from Isanti County who’d maced the “Womens’ March” a couple weeks ago, they’d still be in jail.

Look at the boys and girls who were arrested.  Check out the names:  Anton.  Isabell.  Linwood.  Those are upper-middle-class white kid names.  Breck School names.  Names that drive Subarus until they get a Volvo.  Names like the children of John Choi’s law school classmates and Chris Coleman’s Crocus Hill and Kenwood cronies have.

It’s the special, deluxe, “for progressives only” justice, part of the “progressives only” school, university, public sector union and non-profit parallel universe of power and privilege that the Big Left in Minnesota gets.

UPDATE:  I’ve seen reports that Linwood Kaine is the son of Hillary Clinton’s VP candidate.

Well, I’m gonna guess there were some lawyers involved, huh?

22 thoughts on “Leftist Justice – Saint Paul Style

  1. We need a link like this one.

    I don’t find anything online about any of these guys, at least unless I dig through Facebook and such. So either they’re remarkably unconnected from the world for young people, or they’ve got good lawyers who have scrubbed their online history VERY well and VERY quickly.

    And really, given that the crimes are on tape and all, shame on the police for not filing charges. Those who overlook crimes by the “wealthy left” need to remember that the overlooked victims are probably more likely than most to take advantage of the MPPA, and that at a certain point, if the police do not defend them, they will defend themselves.

  2. “If it were a bunch of rednecks from Isanti County who’d maced the “Womens’ March” a couple weeks ago, they’d still be in jail.”

    Agreed, but I think it would be few if any of us from Isanti Co. that would travel to the cities for this type of event. Now a 2A rally at the Capital would be a different matter. I doubt any of the attendees would attack the Protect Minnesota contingent.

  3. Sooner or later, they will confront someone who will rearrange their worlds for them. I think that time is coming sooner than they think.

  4. Somebody needs to alert DOJ to investigate why Ramsey County is refusing to enforce the law. Also, now that the perps have been identified and their actions on camera, time for civil legal action by the victims. No? I am sure there is legal standing. JD?

  5. JPA – not my area of practice but it seems likely, at least to recover medical expenses.

    Here’s a thought: if a group of people act together to deprive you of your civil rights, can you sue the whole group? Including the people who fund them? George who?

    I’m too old and settled in my rut to explore new frontiers of civil rights law and a case like that could take years and cost a fortune to litigate. But imagine if you could win it – the publicity value alone would be worth a fortune.

  6. Here’s a thought: if a group of people act together to deprive you of your civil rights, can you sue the whole group? Including the people who fund them? George who?

    I wonder if ACLU will take up the case. That is their raison d’être after all.

  7. Why weren’t they referred on assault charges? Any I agree w/ justplainangry, we need a local attorney to sue the snot out of all 6 of these folks in civil court, and if possible go after anyone that organized/supported them in their actions. That’s how they broke the Klan in the South, go after the money, get membership lists etc…

  8. Legal question; is there any recourse for someone whose victimization is not taken seriously by the DA? Beyond making sure the next election is tough for the DA?

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  10. Hmm, is it time yet for something similar to a 43 Group to surface in the US?

  11. Not to compare this to what blacks went through in the old south, but….. this is similar to why we have federal civil rights laws. Democrats in the Jim Crow states refused to enforce basic laws when blacks were the victims.

  12. Now the real reason Choi didn’t press charges. I read that one of the miscreants was allegedly Tim Kaine’s son. Choi is marching lock step to his party’s famous crony cover up marching orders.

  13. I feel a disturbance in the force. Large sums of cash are exchanging hands in very high political places.

  14. jpa;

    Yup. Dug into it a little more and found out that it was true. Little Linwood either currently attends or at least went to Carleton. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

  15. A list of the miscreants from the Duluth News Tribune:
    Linwood Kaine, 26 Minneapolis
    Jonathan Adams, 25, of Minneapolis
    Glenn Kimball, 22, of Minneapolis
    Isabell Kimball, 26, of Minneapolis
    Haley Ryan, 23, of Webster, MN.
    Anton William Bueckert, 29, of Ontario, Canada.

    I’ll bet they’re all covered under their parents health insurance policies.

  16. 429, Canuckians won’t take let a criminal in, unless of course he claims refugee status.

  17. JPA reminds me of Bob Probert’s native Canada refusing to let him in after they found cocaine in his skivvies. He claimed someone framed him. So yes, dose cannucks sure do take immigration more seriously than we do.

  18. Put them in charge of everything: In six weeks there’ll be open warfare.

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