It’s Only Satire…

until it’s not.

I say that, because it’s a phenomenon that is verging on being a “Berg’s Law”; today’s jokes about the behavior of liberals are tomorrow’s news stories about the behavior of liberals.  I have no doubt that someone in the comment section will, before long, post an article from Mother Jones or Raw Story that reads like the link above – but non-fiction.

7 thoughts on “It’s Only Satire…

  1. Bosshoss, I’m wondering how many of them new, liberal gun lovers are buying a pistol and one bullet?

  2. The Manual of Liberal Orthodoxy has more pages than the Bible – only because Truth is considered an opposing point of view.

  3. MP, God love ya !!

    I think a couple of items mentioned will aptly fill their “go bags”: Xanax, box wine, and a pistol with a single bullet chambered. A blood and brain spattered sign saying “No Lives Matter” would put there fears into context.

  4. MP;

    They all sound like a bunch of Barney Fifes, so that’s likely the case.

    I doubt that any of them could pull the trigger, even when faced with an actual threat.

  5. Boss, I’m thinking they’d use the single bullet to end their own torment.

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