Shame In? Shame Out!

THEM:  “The only reason you didn’t vote for Obama was because he’s black!”

US:  “Er, yeah, right.  Because if a while socialist were running or office, I’d vote for him because he was white.  Right?  That’s freaking ingenious!  You must be one of those ‘smart liberals’ everyone keeps talking about”.

THEM:  “The alt-right is an outlet for White America’s endemic racism”.

US:  “The “white supremacist right” is a fraction of the size it was 25-35 years ago – but has suddenly gotten a surge in mainstream media coverage.  So the “white supremacist right” is really more of an outlet for the Big Left’s hatred of Middle America, and a clumsy, Alinskyite attempt to frame Middle America.   But keep trying, genius”.

THEM:  “You’re insensitive to the plight of transsexuals and gays”

US:  “I’m a working stiff who has to bang out all kinds of overtime to break even. I don’t have time to be ‘sensitive’ to my own sexuality, ifyacatchmydrift, much less anyone else’s.  Carry on your little tantrum elsewhere, snowflake.

THEM:  “Stand your Ground’ allows white people to kill black people, no questions asked”.

US:  “Riiight.  Go buy a gun, go to Florida, kill a black kid at random, plead ‘I don’t like hoodies’, and see what happens.  Wave ‘hi’ from the electric chair, genius. ”

THEM (in this case, a woman with a German last name playing at being Native American):  “Have some Brawndo, Christianists.  You won’t be happy until the earth is dead and cold”.

US:  “Reel it in, lapsed-Catholic-with-Daddy-issues playing Native American dress-up.  Pollution is a fraction of what it was 40 years ago, at least here.   But science is hard, isn’t it?”

THEM:  “HItler was elected.  Just like Trump!”

US:  “No.  Hitler was elected, just like Al Capone was elected.  Learn your history, you gabbling illiterate”.

Tired of being “shamed” by our society’s useless yellow buildup of Social Justice warriors?

As Glenn Reynolds says, it’s ‘time to punch back twice as hard.

12 thoughts on “Shame In? Shame Out!

  1. Or like I did the other day, engage protesters, talk to them. They’ll scream and swear at you, keep a cool head and win people over that way. The left is nuts now, show people how nuts they really are

  2. There are trained provocateurs who will get in your face, shout, scream, and make threatening gestures. They want you to take a swing at them, and you can be certain that a second person is filming the interaction with a gopro or a cell phone.
    The press is highly sympathetic to left-wing protesters. In practice this means that any claims that left wing protesters make to the media will be passed on to media consumers with no questions asked.
    Left wing protesters are not there to engage you. They are there to engage the news media. Ignore them or have them arrested. Or film them. Interaction is not advisable, IMHO.

  3. Maybe I’m just masochist but I get a rush from doing it and frankly I find it quite fun. It is amazing though MP, you described almost exactly to a T what this guy did. He even asked me to punch him, he freaking stuck his chin out at me. I laughed and said he wasn’t worth it, especially having him only come halfway up my chest. I tried to debate him but he ran off.

  4. “Time to punch back, twice as hard”

    See, that’s why Glenn makes so much money. I’d never have thought of that myself.

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  6. Hmmm…..seeing a protester only came up to mid-chest, I think I can see why POD feels safe interacting with these guys. Kinda like Bubba Smith in Police Academy, I dare say. He might have a slight disability with his sense of smell, though. :^)

  7. POD: The problem with debating these people is this: regardless of how persuasive and/or convincing your argument, they will slink away and spend time assassinating your character, slashing your tires and brow-beating your grandchildren’s teachers. It’s great to win the debate, but it pales in comparison to spending $600 for a fresh set of tires.

  8. “Hit back, three times as hard!”
    You can have that one, Swiftee.
    You’re welcome!

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