13 thoughts on “Lest I Leave Any Doubt

  1. Keith Ellison is running the first real campaign of his life.

    Note that when you seek to represent the people of Minneapolis either as mayor or U.S. representative, the “election” is just a show.

    But running the DNC represents real power.

    When Wasserman-Schultz resigned as DNC chair why were they able to replace her so easily whereas now they have to have an election?

  2. why were they able to replace her so easily whereas now they have to have an election?

    because Hillary the Dowager Empress In Waiting was the head of the Democrat party, currently the Democrat party is operating much like Ichabod Crane’s Headless Horseman, lacking a proper election they can’t cross the bridge, and are relegated to throwing pumpkins..

  3. The key to winning more elections, and turning around the fortunes of the Democratic party, according to Ellison?
    The man is a frikkin’ genius.

  4. “Increase turnout” doesn’t mean “get more voters to the polls.” What if they vote the wrong way?

    No, it means “print up more absentee ballots for the trunks of election officials’ cars.” That’s what went wrong this time – Democrats believed their own fake polls and didn’t have enough fake ballots printed up in time to swing the election. Keith’s way is the tried-and-true Democrat way, learned it from Franken.

  5. They have abandoned the working class whites, now is the time to scoop up blue collar workers.

  6. The Democrats think they lost because Hillary was too moderate, lets all think about that for a second.

  7. Ellison would be a very bad choice for the Democrats.
    In theory, I suppose, he could work to increase Black and Hispanic turnout and regain Ohio, Wisconsin, and PA in the next presidential election, but that strategy won’t do much for increasing the number of Dems in the US congress or in state houses. The math just isn’t there, Blacks are concentrated in a few metro areas in those “purple” states. Increasing the Black turnout in Milwaukee might help a Dem presidential candidate in 2020, but it won’t turn any Wisconsin state offices, except, possibly, the governor. Milwaukee is basically the 4th congressional district. It is currently represented by a Democrat who won by 23 points, according to Wikipedia. Increasing Black turnout so that the D wins Milwaukee by +30 won’t get the Dems another seat in the US house.

  8. Hakim can improve turnout the Democrat way; by working the graveyard shift, with able assistant Richard M. Daley at his side, medium at hand to conjure up Richard J. Daley for help when needed.

  9. Having alienated the white working class, the Dems now seem convinced that the next step is to alienate supporters of Israel.

  10. I’m starting to pull for Perez. Both Perez and Ellison are racists who vow to drive racism deep into the politics of the Democrat party. If Perez is elected, it will piss off the Bernie voters and keep them away from the polls, which will be good for the country.

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