Assyle ‘Em!

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Canada will not crack down on asylum seekers sneaking across from the USA, the borders will remain open.

 This is great news for us.  Trump ought to announce that starting March 1st, the federal government will be renting busses to give free rides to the northern border, for any undocumented immigrant, illegal alien or asylum-seeking refugee who wants to live in Canada.   We’ll drive you to the border and drop you off so you can waltz into paradise, no questions asked.

 Limited time offer: expires at 11:59 p.m. on June 30th.  Starting on July 1st, anybody caught in the USA will be sent to holding facilities in the desert outside Phoenix until their court hearing and, if found to be illegal, will be instantly driven to the border and dumped into Mexico.

 Wonder how many takers he’d get?

 Joe Doakes

I think I’d forgive an element of force for those Hollywood celebs who promised to move.

8 thoughts on “Assyle ‘Em!

  1. No documents? No problem!
    No way to vet? No Problem!
    DUI? Hell no you cannot enter Canadeh!

  2. JPA…..I was just about to post that. In the bizzaro world of the left, you can import thousands of people from nasty nations without any vetting or background checks, but they won’t let your cousin visit your nation because he had too much to drink at a class reunion 4 years ago.
    If said cousin wants to go to Canada, he has to travel to Syria first and then come to Canada.

  3. That whole facility in the desert thing didn’t work out for Joe Arpaio in the long run….

  4. It lasted 22 years. If we build The Wall and still need a temporary holding facility to keep track of hordes of illegal aliens in 2040, we’re doing it wrong.

  5. Would the OPP be ok with me bringing a truck load of beer across? As long as I say I’m fleeing the Trumpian tyranny of course. It’s at least twice as expensive over there and I could make a fortune.

  6. Make Trudeau agree that we’ll extend the Cali HS rail to cover the distance from Mexico border to the Canadian border (1 way passenger travel – north only). They’re Canada’s problem once they arrive, nobody gets to return to the US. If any of those people get caught trying to get back into the US we’ll require Canada to take them back, no ifs, ands, or buts. I highly doubt his “sympathies” would suffer that.

  7. Saw the story about the Somali that walked up and crossed the border (poor thing), and laughed.

    Like he couldn’t have had his choice of rides to the border when he got to Blain.

  8. Cali Senator Kamala Harris sez Trump will deport anyone who commits any crime:
    That’s Mickey Kaus, but I checked Harris’s twitter feed, and the quote is real.

    It’s outrageous the administration is saying anyone who might have committed a crime qualifies for deportations.

    This is kind of scary. Four years ago I got hit when a cop caught me going 57 in a 45 zone.
    I wonder where Trump will deport me? As near as I can trace my ancestry, probably the Scottish Lowlands or the charming village of Egenhausen in the Black Forest. I hate even the idea that haggis exists. I wonder if I can make a living servicing glockenspiels?

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