Today’s Facts, A Year Ago: Fake News Edition

The Daily Caller notes that the “database” used by the liberal media to try to create hysteria about mass shootings, overstates the number of such incidents by at least an order of magnitude:

The website “Mass Shooting Tracker” (MST) has been regularly used by news outlets, like The Washington Post and PBS, to claim “mass shootings” occur much more frequently than they actually do. MST uses an alternative definition of “mass shooting” that greatly overstates their frequency relative to the commonly-accepted definition used by law enforcement and academics.

MST openly acknowledges it uses the alternate definition to “punch a hole in the NRA argument.”…MST’s defines a mass shooting as any shooting where four or more people are injured or killed, not counting the shooter. This isn’t an official definition taken from law enforcement or academia, but appears to be originally created by anti-gun activists on Reddit.

Of course, it’s something that Shot In The Dark readers knew well over a year ago.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Facts, A Year Ago: Fake News Edition

  1. Welcome to the alternate facts universe. Hey, if it worked for AGW, it must work for MST.

  2. Sounds like a variation on “Statistically, most victims of gun violence are killed by people they know,” which is used as justification for a father not to have a .22 rifle in the house in case sonny boy uses it to murder mom.

    In actual fact, the statistic comes from one criminal shooting another (Crip shoots Blood or falling out among thieves). Yes, they knew each other. No, that doesn’t make your squirrel rifle more dangerous to the family.

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