I was going to start this post out with a wry quip about the irony of people protesting a president they say will oppress people, actually oppressing people.

I’m talking about the riots in – where else? – Berkeley last night.

There, children of the wealthiest society in the history of the world, protesting others’ “privilege” by shutting down a speech (by “provocateur” Milo Yiannopolous – that caused them cognitive dissonance.

Of course, as PJ O’Rourke said, “life is full of irony – if you’re stupid”.

Then it occurred to me – this is far from an original thing.   It’s not new for political movements to have “direct action” wings, designed to radicalize the the “debate” and, eventually, the opposition.

The easy parallel is the “Brownshirts” – Sturmabteilung” – the “direct action” wing of the Nazi Party from the early twenties through the end of World War 2:

“Community Organizing”. “Brownshirts” in action.

One of their primary missions – shut down political events by the Nazis’ opposition.

Of course, given this description…:

The protest turned violent around 6 p.m. when dozens of masked anarchists, dressed in black and wearing backpacks, emerged from the otherwise peaceful crowd.

…a better simile might be Mussolini’s “Camicii Neri” – Blackshirts – who filled the same purpose in Italy…

“Protersters” at Berkeley last night. Oh, I”m kidding. It’s Mussolini and his “Camicii Neri”. Distinction without much difference, really.

…shouting down and beating Communists and Socialists and Monarchists in the streets, turning Italian politics into the full-contact sport that played into the hands of radicals on the left and left.

Darn you, Trump.

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  1. oh lets not pussy-foot around the issue the “direct action wing” of the Democrat party for over 100 years was the KKK. Where do you think the Europeans got the idea for adjunct party wings. The Berkeley group are the ideological descendants of that bloodline

  2. Time for Sessions to open a RICO investigation.
    Mostly because the “journalists” can’t seem to figure out that all this is being directed and coordinated by a few dozen individuals.

  3. Well, here we go.
    The Daily Beast:
    “The Latino and working-class organizing group, which specializes in immigrant rights, had not fully prepared for its nightmare scenario of Trump winning the presidency. Few people in the room believed the Republican candidate had more than a slim chance of victory.
    The mood was extremely emotional. Some were visibly distraught, some were furious, some even cried.
    But as the day went on, the small huddle of organizers got back to work to chart a course forward—to prepare for what Daniel Altschuler, their director of civic engagement and research, would later describe as a “defining fight of our lives.””

    Daniel Altschuler is neither working class nor Hispanic, of course:
    “Daniel Altschuler is a political scientist, organizer, and writer. He holds a doctorate in Politics and a Masters in Development Studies from the University of Oxford, where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar. He is currently the Managing Director of the Make the Road Action Fund and the Director of Civic Engagement and Research at Make the Road New York (MRNY). He was previously MRNY’s Long Island Coordinator and the Coordinator of the Long Island Civic Engagement Table, a coalition of grassroots organizations working to increase civic participation in working-class communities of color.”

  4. MRNY is a tax exempt non-profit. How much scrutiny do you suppose it received compared to, say, the TEA party organizations that are suing the IRS?
    There is a Russian saying, attributed to one of the czars: “For my friends, anything, for my enemies — the law!”

  5. The SA (Brownshirts) served their purpose until Hitler took power in 1933. At that point they became a rowdy nuisance and needed to be “controlled”. Leadership (such as it was) was pushed out and formally realigned under party power. They even changed the name to SS.

  6. I watched a rebroadcast of the live broadcast by KPIX. The rioters where launching rockets at the building and then charged it. The police stood by doing nothing. If these terrorists would have reached any College Republicans, they would have killed them. Yes, calling them brownshirts isn’t an exaggeration. The video was also similar to civil rights activists getting beaten in the old Democrat south while the police stood by.
    There was only 1 arrest last night. UnF’n believable.

  7. the UC-Berkeley Alumni office is already drafting the fund raising letters they’ll be sending out tomorrow to pay for the damages that Trump & Milo caused last night – they’ll have all they need and more by the end of next week!
    Think of it as a Campus Renewal Project.

  8. I’m in LA right now. I wouldn’t describe local news as necessarily supportive, but not one of the local reporters wondered at the lack of coppers in the scene.

    I heard Milo talking to Hannity by phone last night. Interesting side note; he has hired an ex-Navy SEAL for security. Man wouldn’t I like to see the reprobates have a close encounter with him.

  9. Of course, then their was that pathetic piece of shit that sucker sprayed a young lady in a Trump hat in the face with pepper spray while she spoke with a reporter. They showed a quick profile view. He looked to be in his 50’s and had a typical libidiot smirk on his face. Apparently, even that assault on the woman wasn’t worthy of an arrest.
    Totally wish I had been there to smash him in his smug, self righteous face.

  10. Totally wish I had been there to smash him in his smug, self righteous face.

    And you would have been arrested.

  11. So, there are quite a few unhinged leftists who are openly calling for military insurrection against POTUS. These now include at least one official from past administration. When does this become a problem? It may be time to include more lead in your investment portfolio.

  12. All I can think of is Bergs 7th law when they are calling us Nazis. The question is at what point do we finally rise up and say enough? I’m personally there already, after my bus (no car right now) was delayed by the no muslim ban protesters on Tuesday. Also an interesting note if you engage them and try to debate or make fun of them (I’ll give you one guess to my tactics) they go from 0 to psycho in the blink of an eye. I will engage protesters from now on, I don’t think they know how to handle opposition to their face, while I’ve been dealing with it (literally) half my life, and my entire political life.

  13. Instead of engaging, the tactic of filming them (with sound for voice recognition) and providing the video/pictures to police and plaintiffs’ attorneys sounds good. Way too few of these guys get arrested, that’s for sure.

  14. Bubba, if LEO were an effective deterrent, they wouldn’t be escalating. In most leftist shitholes, the cops are under orders to treat protesters with kid gloves.

    Only when decent Americans start dealing with these little fuckers will they back off. Pepper spray is an excellent educator that usually won’t get you arrested.

    They make a very nice product now that delivers 1million scoville units in a sticky gel. It gets the Swifty thumbs up. 👍

  15. BB I usually initiate so they don’t commit any crimes, I got a guy to scream fuck you to my face. It was cute because he was all of 5’7 and clearly had a napoleon complex. He got right up to me and told me to punch him, yeah like I’m that stupid.

  16. Alt good, 2 questions, isn’t using pepper spray assault and where can I find the strongest stuff, asking for a friend…

  17. a very nice product now that delivers 1million scoville units

    swiftee, pray tell. I need something to spice up my chili. Ghost and Reaper peppers don’t do it for me anymore.

  18. Swiftee; agreed too many LEOs are under orders to handle (leftist) protesters with kid gloves. I think it’s time to lift the curtain on that bad habit and shame them into action. There is a happy medium somewhere between inaction and Bull Connor.

    And yes, administering a million scoville units is technically assault.

  19. bb;

    As the incident that I point out earlier illustrates, it’s assault only if you’re defending yourself. That prick that sprayed the young woman was not.


    I don’t mean to say you can just walk up and squirt a scumbag for no reason (least not while anyone is looking), and there are certainly leftist run states that will hang you out to dry if you cause a SJW discomfort, but pepper spray used as a defense against aggressive moonbats won’t generally get you in much hot water.

    It doesn’t disfigure, doesn’t cause any permanent damage, and gosh darn it, it’s just good clean fun.

  21. JPA, I have three dozen baby Reapers just starting to poke their adorable little stems out of the potting soil. I provide them to a local beer brewer and to a bar in return for free beer and chicken wing sauce.

    Mmm good!

  22. Violence, undirected by just authority AND intended to affect public policy, is terrorism.
    And the words “just authority” have a specific meaning, and that meaning isn’t “I feel justified in using violence.”

  23. what about if you have already been punched or feel threatened? I wouldn’t dream of attacking someone unprovoked I’d just like to disable them enough temporarily to escape so I don’t get my ass beat

  24. I provide them to a local beer brewer

    Dude! Local brewery here makes beer with Hatch peppers when they are in season. Not too hot, but very tasty. I would love to try beer made with reapers. Oddly enough, I have not yet been able to find a wing place in Houston to rival Smally’s or D Spot. But we keep looking.

  25. Violence, undirected by just authority AND intended to affect public policy, is terrorism.

    And you point is? Dontcha know that dissent against authority, especially of the conservative ilk, is considered patriotic and an expression of the American spirit? To quash such dissent would hence be deemed un-American and unpatriotic. Why do you hate true Americans so much as to label them terrorists?

  26. Favorite part of the Beserkeley riots; they smashed the lower windows on the Martin Luther King building on the first day of Black History Month. Apart from the color of their hoods and outfits, I’m having more and more trouble differentiating them from the KKK.

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