8 thoughts on “Their Own Petard

  1. If this doesn’t cause that murderering Nazi sympathizer Soros to have heart failure, he is truly the devil’a disciple.

  2. boss, he survived this long, what makes you think he is a fake disciple? POD, make sure there is a very special place set aside for Soros in your netherworld.

  3. well now, that is awesome. Talk about the laws of unintended consequences. I can’t wait to hear lefties complain about this one.

  4. JPA, he’s got one right next to Hitler, mainly so they can reminise about their relationship when he was a boy

  5. I think that Soros’ involvement with the Judenrat is a cheap shot. All of Eastern Europe was a horror show in 1944. The Jews who were complicit in the Jewish councils and in policing their fellow Jews did so in the often vain hope that they, and their families, would be killed last. Who can say how we would respond if we were put in that position?

  6. I’m with MP on that one. I let Soros off the hook for what he did when he knew Auschwitz might be the alternative. It’s what he does now that concerns me, and that’s more than sufficiently damning, IMO.

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