Berlitz Blue America / Red America Dictionary

There are some good ideas in this post on how Democrats can learn to talk to “the rest of us”.

My suggestion #10:  never, ever, ever use the phrase “your best interests” when suggesting other peoples’ political course.   It is so patronizing.

4 thoughts on “Berlitz Blue America / Red America Dictionary

  1. Here are two more: How DARE you presume to know “who we are” or “the right thing to do.” Only King Obama can do that.

  2. If you are an American Leftist, you believe that reality is an inescapable prison camp. The only argument to be had is who are the guards and who are the prisoners.
    If you don’t like that analogy, we have Lenin’s famous statement that the ultimate political principle is “who, whom?”
    The Democrats aren’t interested in talking to anyone, they are interested in giving orders. The problem, as they see it, is that while they still have the power to issue orders, they have lost the power to make you obey.

  3. Democrats used to be the enemy, but in my mind, they’ve been surpassed, now, by millennial snowflakes who, because of their social networking savvy, can condescend to you across 30 different networking platforms before your coffee brews. I’ve felt them in action. They’re very good at character assassination.

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