Does Harvard Give Refunds?

Rachel Maddow – not the most overrated “public intellectual” in the leftymedia, but pretty dang close – threw out some hilarioiusly historicalliy-ignorant red meat organic gruel for her audience of ill-informed wannabe intellects.

Over the past year I’ve been reading a lot about what it was like when Hitler first became chancellor. I am gravitating toward moments in history for subliminal reference in terms of cultures that have unexpectedly veered into dark places, because I think that’s possibly where we are

Well, there’s a “subliminal reference” there, but not the one Maddow is thinking of.

Let’s look back on when Hitler became Chancellor.

It was a decade when political parties kept private armies that roamed the streets beating, stabbing and sometimes shooting their opponents. There were more than a few massacres, of both commies and Nazis.   The left has some groups that might, with a little more derangement, become “private armies”, but I’ll be charitable and assume thats not where we’re going, at least on purpose.  

Germany had a parliamentary system that gave a president – superannuated General Von Hindenburg – the power to dissolve the government – something easily used by a crafty plurality to stage what amounted to a bloodless consensual coup.   That’d be hard to do, at least legally, within the US’s constitutional system.  Of course, the left has spent the past eight weeks floating ideas to circumvent or avoid the constitution – but again, let’s just chalk that up to the whining of spoiled, entitled children of all ages.

It was a place deeply fractured among extremist parties that hated each other and often acted on that hate. OK – the left might be giving us that equivalence.

Otherwise? Shut up, Rachel, and make me a f****ng sandwich.

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  1. Also don’t forget they were still in the midst of hyperinflation and we’re still bound by the Treaty of Versailles that essentialLynch made them the rest of Europe’s bitch. I’m not saying that treatyou directly led to Hitler but it sure as hell helped. Plus blaming the Joos for everything that had gone wrong with their banking system.

  2. Maddow’s a Stanford and Oxford grad, not Hahvid. Plus, given that most of my friends knew Maddow’s story about Schicklgruber was nonsense by the end of high school, maybe Castro Valley HS needs to give her parents a refund.

    And holy cow, that’s bad. It brings to mind Thomas Sowell’s comment that we’re all entitled to our own opinions, but not our own set of facts. Maddow is testing the limits here….

  3. The greatest irony of this? If Trump actually does become crazy and authoritarian we have a system in place to remove him. I dont think Republicanso would blink twice about impeach ingredients and removing him if necessary and haveven Pence take over

  4. Maddow has always been in good company with the likes of , mental case Olbermann, pro-liar Williams, “tingles” Mathews, Fast Eddie Schultz, charlatan (and tax cheat) Sharpton. Bottom feeders perennially at the bottom of the ratings charts.

  5. …maybe Castro Valley HS needs to give her parents a refund.

    Did she attend CVHS? Man, I really didn’t need another reason to celebrate hyperdriving my family out of Cali as one of my best decisions, ever, but there it is. My son would have gone there.

  6. AGS I feel the same gratitude towards my parents of getting me out of California before I started kindergarten. The public high school I would have gone to has kids that get Ferrari Testarossas for their 16th Bday

  7. Swiftee, that’s what Wiki says.

    POD: sounds like a way to get a lot of kids killed as they discover they’ve got more horsepower than they can handle.

  8. Sanders, the “Demcratic Socialist” who is terrified of the people, made the Hitler comparison during the primaries.
    How can a Jewish guy from Brooklyn, a holder of a BA Political Science, with relatives who perished in the Shoah, be so bloody ignorant?
    If Hindenberg hadn’t offered Hitler the chancellorship, there would have been a coup. Hitler’s SA was bigger than the standing German army.

  9. POD, when I attended high school in Cali, white students would often meet Mexican and black students in the parking lot to exchange blows with socks filled with bars of soap, knives and the hugely popular nunchucks. There were never any fatalities and all concerned shared a bit of comradery in refusing to name names to the teaching staff.

    Today, in that same school, the white students assemble to beat themselves to a pulp while the teaching staff, Mexican and black students jeer and egg them on.

    Caucasian identity is carried away, lifeless.

  10. POD correct. Republicans will be in front of the line to get rid of a crazy Trump.

    So the question is….do people like Maddow actually believe this stuff, or is she just saying crazy things to make money over the crazies out there who really do believe this? (some say Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh do this….just not as crazy as the left though)

  11. The left has some groups that might, with a little more derangement, become “private armies”,

    Given libturds’ aversion to anything that goes boom and bang, will they be using pitchforks? I think I can predict how this altercation would turn out.

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