They Tend To Be Shoddy Anyway

Levi Strauss and company has opted to make their stores criminal-safe.

Moms Want Action is all tingly about it – which, of course, means royalties for stock photo vendors!~


Know how you can tell it’s a stock photo? Because the model is 40 years younger than any female in “Moms Want Action” .

To be honest, I haven’t bought Levis in years; for the same money, Duluth jeans are much much better, and given their clientele, they’re way too smart to post their stores.

But if you’re so inclined, drop Levi Strauss a line.  Their Facebook page is a good place to send a message.


11 thoughts on “They Tend To Be Shoddy Anyway

  1. I bought Levi’s … until they became trendy, at which point they became overpriced and, simultaneously, lower quality. It always baffled me why they tried to pull that off, but it probably wasn’t unintentional. I mean, when the Levi’s CEO says that you shouldn’t wash your jeans you get a clue about where they’re aiming to sell their jeans and it’s not to folks who actually plan to, you know, work in them.

    You’re right, the Duluth jeans are much better.

  2. I’ve been wearing Levi jeans exclusively for a very long time, now I’ll be trying Duluth in the very near future.

  3. Levi’s never seemed to fit me right, so I ditched them for Wrangler and Lee several years ago. They are usually cheaper and last a while.

    Next time I need some though, I’ll get a pair of the Wisconsin based company, Duluth Trading. 😀

  4. From what I’ve heard and observed, a lot of jeans went bad about the same time Wrangler and Levi’s started manufacturing in Mexico. Not that a Mexican sewing denim makes it less robust, but the product managers seemed to view decent fabric as something that would imperil their next promotion, so they went with lower grades of fabric and a shorter cotton staple. Hence it’s just as heavy but far less robust.

    I might see if Duluth has solved this problem….

  5. Please forgive another threadjack, but I think this may be of interest.

    Alondra Cano thinks Minneapolis has a budget of $1.3 million, only off by $1.2 billion

    “What we’re doing that night is we’re approving the city’s $1.3 million budget, and, um–”

    “Billion,” someone says, correcting her.

    At this point, Cano seems to have made a run-of-the-mill pronunciation mistake, transposing the “m” and the “b.” Then it gets worse.

    “Billion?” Cano says. “Uh, no, I double-checked it’s…”

    There’s nervous laughter.

    “So, we’ll look that up and clarify. Cuz’ I looked it up twice, and I was like, ‘What? No.’ Anyway.”

    “It’s gotta be ‘billion,'” says one of her co-panelists.

    “You think so?” Cano asks.

    “Fairbault has a $22 million budget,” someone says.

    “Right!” Cano says. “Yeah, yeah, billion!”

    This seems like a good time to remember Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges put out her proposed budget back in August, five months ago. Cano’s supposed to give input and vote on it next week

    I think we might have uncovered the true identity of Avery Librelle.

  6. Not to mention that she blackmailed her colleagues and got away with it. If I lived in Minneapolis, as a concerned citizen, I would hire a P.I. To follow her around for about a week, gathering pictures and as much dirt as he could dig up on her.

  7. The string pullers in Mpls have never been able to do simple math, and it’s probably not a pre-requisite for a community organizer.

  8. In the olden days, one kid might challenge another: “Oh, yeah? I bet you a thousand million dollars you can’t do it.” That was understood to be a ridiculously large sum, right up there with “all the money in the world.” It was so large as to be literally beyond imagining.

    Now, it’s not enough to keep the lights on in Minneapolis for a year.

  9. Having revoked my Minneapolis voter rights 25 years ago, I make this prediction about my high-tax, high-crime, low-performing metropolitan former home:

    When Cano is elected mayor, you can turn out the lights.

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