The Source Of All Slime

SCENE:  Mitch BERG is walking into the Russian Tea House on University Avenue for some piroshki and borscht.  As he walks up the steps, Avery LIBRELLE is walking out.  BERG can’t avoid LIBRELLE; the meeting is inevitable.  


BERG:  Er…hey, Avery.   Didn’t know you liked Russian food.

LIBRELLE:   I don’t.  I was just going door to door looking for contributions to my new PAC.

BERG:  Huh.  Did you get anything?

LIBRELLE:   Not yet.

BERG:   Well, hey, I’m just gonna grab some…

LIBRELLE:  So shame on your for accusing Hillary Clinton of spreading the “Birther” rumor!  I fact-checked you by going to “”, a production of the Non-Partisan Center For Non-Partisan Progress, and they said that Hillary never, ever, personally used the word “Birther”.

BERG:   Nobody said she did it personally.  Her campaign used surrogates to do it.

LIBRELLE:  But she didn’t do it personally, so you’re a liar and a hypocrite!

BERG:   So if someone’s campaign spreads information, but the candidate doesn’t do it himself, then the candidate is blameless.

LIBRELLE:   Right!

BERG:   By that logic, the Holocaust never happened, since Hitler didn’t personally kill a single Jew.

LIBRELLE:   Let me check with when I get to the library.

BERG:   Right.  And the fact that Hillary’s campaign spread the “Obama is a Muslim” rumor never happened, since the words “Obama is a muslim” never crossed Hillary’s lips?

LIBRELLE:  That’s correct.  If the candidate doesn’t say it, it never happened.

BERG:  Gotcha.

LIBRELLE:  Hey – wanna donate to my PAC?


3 thoughts on “The Source Of All Slime

  1. Interesting word, origin. It matters quite a bit here.

    Hillary Clinton had a campaign volunteer who RECIRCULATED a birther email, and was promptly fired for doing so. That campaign worker was fired for doing something that did not reflect any view or policy of the campaign. An immediate phone call was made to the Obama campaign apologizing for the staffer. No one from the campaign EVER acted on behalf of the campaign to promote the birther LIE.

    The news editor, Mr. Asher, who claimed that Blumenthal came to his office and asserted the birther story now has changed his story. He insists that his publication sent a reporter to investigate these claims “because of multiple news stories” at the time, NOT because of anything told to him by Blumenthal on behalf of the Clinton campaign. It is worth noting as well that Blumenthal has been a long time friend of the Clintons, but was not so far as I can discern ever a part of the campaign, not as a surrogate and not as any kind of spokesperson. The claims of a connection for Blumenthal to the campaign just don’t hold up.

    Not sure why Blumenthal keeps getting such right wing attention for making false claims, but it is worth noting that his name popped up in those demonstrably fake wikileaks emails with another demonstrably false claim about him. That the source for that batch of emails was a Russian media outlet, and that Trump was apparently suckered into using it to his detriment and embarrassment only serves to show how gullible he is.

    It is illogical that a campaign staffer would be fired for circulating the birther story but a non-campaign representative would do so on behalf of the campaign and candidate. That is just stupid and illogical, particularly given the person, Asher, claiming this now says it was not the case. His bosses don’t support the claim that Blumenthal had anything to do with them investigating the story either, and they were the people who PAID for the investigation, so they should know.

    The ORIGIN of the birther movement, which was pretty much an exclusively right wing thing, predated Clinton running for office, back in 2004. That has been thoroughly documented, by multiple fact checking sources which have produced the actual material, the primary sources. They are in the public domain, there are far too many copies dating from that time to be fake, and the information is by no means exclusive to the fact checkers.

    The originators of the birther movement back in 2004 are quite vocal as well in claiming credit for the origination, including in books with pre-Clinton campaign publication dates, so it can hardly be attributed to some sort of crackpot conspiracy theory of dishonesty by fact checkers.. I suppose if you’re a right wing whiner, those facts don’t matter; you will claim to be the victims of media conspiracies no matter what objective reality shows.

    Broad circulation of the birther crazy notions was with few exceptions entirely the domain of right wingers, including Orly Taitz and Donald Trump. I followed them quite closely at the time; it is not hard to document that either. Trump has yet to explain why he now repudiates the birther claim, and he never produced that big important source who claimed the birth certificate was false either. Just as I’m confident he will never produce any ‘proof’ that the women coming forward disclosing his sexual abuse of them will not happen either.

    The right wing bullshit conspiracy crap about the media is only slightly LESS credible than most alien abduction stories, and even less well founded in any facts.

    Primary sources, multi-sourcing to confirm stories – you should try it sometime, it would improve your content.

    “And scene”……….pffffft, what a silly affectation.

  2. DG,

    I’m not going to bother with a response, since you never read them anyway, and I’m about to start holding your comments again.

    But your jabbering about “multi-sourcing” is pretty much baked wind; you usually go with whichever left-friendly source you find on Google, often with comical results.

    silly affectation

    Gosh – do you think?

    Why might that be?

    Think. Think hard.

    Maybe go to one of your “primary sources” to find out about the genre I’m mining, here.

    Think. Do try hard. You can do it.

    Actually, you probably can’t.

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