Steer Clear Of Any Mirrors

Democrats behave pretty atrociously around women.

JFK had a thing for banging interns less than half his age.

LBJ was a philanderer who had a thing for letting the cow out of the barn in deeply inappropriate places.  Indeed, he seemed to be fairly obsessed with, er, Lyndon Baines’ johnson – which, it occurs to me, may be one of the reasons so many liberals’ arguments inevitably swerve back toward genitalia today.

And of course, Clinton – a serial mass philanderer who harassed, groped and raped women with the assurance of a conquering Mongol – and his wife, who actively used her power to shut his victims up.

Now – pointing out the true facts of fifty years of Democrat presidents’ abuse of women (often with the nodding, grinning compliance of the major media) doesn’t excuse Donald Trump’s piggish comments and behavior over a (I am flabbergasted)  open mic during his 2005 video with (ugh) Access Hollywood.   As I pointed out on the show Saturday, this wasn’t entirely unpredictable; when the interview was recorded, Trump had been a “Master of the Universe” for over 30 years; party to the kind of wealth, power and access that allows people like him to get away with things (or at least think so) that’d have had most people drummed out of polite society.  His marital record shows it hasn’t been entirely without consquence.  It’s one of the reasons I’ve been a vocal non-fan of Trump’s public persona for over 30 years.

But saying “Democrats did much worse, and did it first” doesn’t excuse Trump, any more than “they started it!” excused me when I was a kid, or my kids when they were.


To support Hillary Clinton for president, one has to ignore, or rationalize, or plead ignorance of, decades of her aiding and abetting her husband’s predations; at least one rape, several cases of blatant sexual harassment, constant philandering, and predation on younger, star-struck women who were – let’s be clear, here – his employees and staff (the kind of behavior that’d have any responsible corporate board ushering a CEO toward the exits faster than you can say “grab that cat” in this litigious age).

So, Clinton supporters?  I’m not saying this to attack Hillary and Bill’s character.

I’m attacking your character.

52 thoughts on “Steer Clear Of Any Mirrors

  1. My take on this one is that if you didn’t already know Trump was a sleaze, five will get you ten that not only do you not read the newspapers, but also your shadow doesn’t fall across them very often. Come on, let go of your pearls, hop off the fainting couch–let’s get acquainted with reality, OK?

    Even scarier with the left–what part of “honey trap” did you not understand, Mssrs. Kennedy, Johnson, and Clinton (and Mrs. Clinton)? Or did you understand all too well?

  2. Whose attitude toward sexual assault victims is the most reprehensible: the guy who talks about it; the guy who did it; or the woman who destroyed victims’ lives to help him get away with it?

  3. Let me get this right:
    Bill Clinton is a pig and that disqualifies his wife.
    Trump is a pig, and that does not disqualify him.

  4. “Bill Clinton is a pig and that disqualifies his wife.”
    You mean the guy who might be first spouse? With his own staff, White House office & interns (!), with deeper political connections — and far more political skill — than Hillary? He will be co-president. The Clintons used to brag about giving America a “two for the price of one” deal.
    Don’t be ridiculous, Emery.

  5. I was proud that Trump did tone it down in the debate. He is no longer advocating his political opponent be murdered. Now he thinks imprisonment will be sufficient.

  6. I think the argument regarding the Clintons is not “Bill is a creep, therefore his wife is disqualified”, but rather that “not only is Bill a creep, a sexual harasser and probably a rapist, but his wife has been covering for him all these years. That disqualifies her.”

  7. I’m no fan of Trump either, but I think it’s interesting he’s getting raked over the coals for something said while he was a registered Democrat.

  8. I thought it was entertaining as hell. The video was released early because of the wikileaks dump on Friday that no one is talking about.

  9. Republican leaders such as Ryan and McConnell are trapped. All the Republican base (40%) belongs to Trump. I expect this will reverberate down-ticket.

  10. Emery, your ignorance is offensive to your intellectual betters. Why not take your one man circle jerk over to dog’s little squat? She can use the traffic, you and teh peevee can use the pivot woman.

  11. Back in Bill Clinton’s Presidency, the Independent Council investigation led by Ken Starr found a lot of evidence that ‘Slap-A-Bitch Bill’ had a lot of issues in the abuse/misuse of women category. It was all dismissed by Carville and others as “ol’ Ken Starr’s nuttin’ but a sex prevert” and some kind of right-wing conspiracy (I think that’s what our next President called it).
    But I’ll never forget the late Tim Russert, good old ‘devout Catholic’ Tim, noting on ‘Meet The Press’ that if these charges were true (and they were) whoo-boy, how could anyone do business with such a morally indecent person? He was ignored by the same people who today head to the fainting couch (and best of all, put up the “content may be shocking and is intended for a mature audience warnings”) whenever Trump speaks or tape of him speaking might come out.
    Trump is a low-life no doubt, but the speech Hillary allegedly was giving for 6-figures a pop to the Masters of the Universe Banking Community comes pretty damn close to her stating she can grab the Occupy Movement by the pu*** and get away with it because she’s a rich & powerful Democrat.
    And for SitD’s Comment Section’s Resident Shallow Intellect, Emery….
    “Report: Hillary Clinton considered drone attack on Julian Assange”

  12. Oh, please — let’s not ignore all the misogyny on the right too. Even the near saintly Eisenhower was an adulterer. Let’s not forget treasonous Tricky Dicky Nixon: “MI6 took spy snaps of Richard Nixon and Chinese Mistress” – a story apparently corroborated by Roger Stone, currently of the Trump campaign.

    Reagan had his flings and was twice married. John Boehner had mistresses for years, and lived apart from his wife, if an informal separation. The Nut Gingrich was notorious for his adultery. To name a few – let’s not forget some of the worst on the right, like family-values hypocrite Vitters, or Mark Foley. The list on the right is far longer than anything you’ve posted here. The Billy Bush in the larger most recent scandal was Dubya’s first cousin / nephew to HW; (haven’t checked to see what new scandal has hit the airwaves this afternoon, for the next scandal down the line).

    And no one you mentioned who is a democrat has EVER approved of referring to their own daughter as “a piece of ass”, as the right’s political candidate has done.

    So don’t play that game; you will lose, badly. There is far more misogyny, not just adultery, on the right than there is on the left. You wrongly conflate the two. The problem is the misogyny and the hypocrisy. Dems also have more female members of Congress, and give them significant positions on congressional committees, have nominated the only women from major parties to run for the highest office. The reality is that a lot of the right are running away as fast as they can from Trump, including the likes of respectable Republican women like Condi Rice.

    I will give credit where credit is due – both Dubya and his father apparently kept their bits in their pants, as did Gerald Ford, but so has Obama and Jimmy Carter who were in office for the same amount of time.

    As to Billy Clinton raping anyone – rubbish. Silly little Monica Lewinsky thought she would seduce her way to power; she was no unwilling victim. Time for a bit of fact checking – Trump failed that again in the debate, badly.

    Your conservative base picked a real loser for a candidate, as a president, and as a human being.

    Shame on you Mitch; I can’t imagine how you can look la belle Bun in the eyes with a candidate like this.

  13. Ooops! My bad – I shouldn’t have given either Dubya or HW a pass either.

    [Dubya] Bush is haunted by two sex scandals. One involved a criminal complaint and lawsuit of rape by Margie Denise Schoedinger, who later committed suicide; the second was an accusation by Tammy Phillips, a former stripper, of having an affair with Bush that ended in 1999.


    One can only wonder if W got his education in philandering from his papa, George H.W. Bush. Kitty Kelley’s no-holds-barred exposé of the Bush clan, “The Family,” mentions two alleged affairs involving # 41. One involved Jennifer Fitzgerald, who served as White House deputy chief of protocol during his administration, and the other an Italian woman with whom he set up house in a New York apartment in the 1960s.

    Yeah, not only is there plenty of dirty sex scandals on the right, but let us not forget that it was twice elected Nixon who was not only apparently blackmailed by J. Edgar Hoover with those Chinese mistress photos from MI6, with a foreign communist, but that Nixon did a dirty treasonous deal with the North Vietnamese that prolonged that war for another five years……. which makes Hillary’s email problems look pretty tame, and far from any doing any deliberate damage to the US for any reason, let along her political advancement.

    What we don’t have is a long history of women engaging in this behavior, much less history of it dating back to the founding fathers (hello – remember Jefferson? were you counting HIM as a democrat? you should).

  14. So your line is “Republicans are bad too?” Hardly exculpates Clinton.

    I can’t imagine how you can look la belle Bun in the eyes with a candidate like this.

    If you ever mention any member of my family as part of a political point again, I will block you from this site forever without a second thought.

    Never, ever do that.

    There will be no other warnings.

  15. DG,

    I’ll repeat myself:

    To support Hillary Clinton for president, one has to ignore, or rationalize, or plead ignorance of, decades of her aiding and abetting her husband’s predations; at least one rape, several cases of blatant sexual harassment, constant philandering, and predation on younger, star-struck women who were – let’s be clear, here – his employees and staff (the kind of behavior that’d have any responsible corporate board ushering a CEO toward the exits faster than you can say “grab that cat” in this litigious age).

    Hillary -a current candidate for president – has spent three decades aiding and abetting a serial rapist.

    You’re OK with that, because he protected infanticide.

    Women are just eggs to be broken for the greater omelette, right?

  16. ” Even the near saintly Eisenhower was an adulterer.”
    To the Puritans of 2016, any time a man is in the company of an attractive woman, it must be assumed that they are in a sexual relationship.
    There is no evidence — none — that Eisenhower and Summersby had an affair.

  17. It’s worth noting that DG is mostly using tabloid rumors as if they were fact. Plus, even if we assume everything she says is true, which is doubtful, it’s worth noting that the total # of paramours she’s counting for all Republican presidents since WWII is less than the count for Kennedy, Johnson, or Clinton.

    You really want to play this game, DG? Seriously? The ugly reality here is that you’re not just considering voting for a guy who made some lewd comments. You are considering voting for a woman who went door to door to intimidate the victims of her husband’s philandering, including some who were flat out raped.

    Sorry, but that’s a bigger deal than locker room talk.

  18. DG accidentally makes a point, there is literally no human being that can live up to the pristine standards of the pharisees of the GOPe.

    Not to mention how malleable those standards are when it comes to someone they like.

  19. It’s worth noting that DG is mostly using tabloid rumors

    Is it still “multisourcing” when all the sources are sensationalistic krep?

  20. DG’s recitation proves that philandering, far from being a disqualification for President, is pretty much a job requirement and that the attitude of such Presidents toward women has caused no problems for the Republic.

    Therefore, Trump is possibly the best qualified candidate in history and Hillary – having no affairs that we know of – is utterly unqualified.

    Thanks for proving the point, Dee Gee. Much appreciated.

  21. I’m being facetious, of course. Here’s the real response:

    The reason the tape was released was to cause women to be outraged by Trump’s arrogant attitude. The intent of the leak was to convince women that Trump is crude and insensitive so women shouldn’t vote for him; instead, they should vote for Hillary who, being a woman herself, is presumably more sensitive to the plight of sexual assault victims.

    Sounds great until you remember that Hillary was in charge of Bimbo Eruptions, that she worked with Democrats to destroy the victims’ reputations (drag $100 bill through a trailer park), and that she did it all to cling to her status as First Lady – in other words, she sold actual sexual assault victims down the river for her own personal gain.

    Who’s the most morally repugnant: the guy who brags about doing it; the guy who does it; or the woman who victimizes his victims to help the sexual predator get away with it, so she can stay in the White House?

  22. It seems that in DG’s world, “tabloid rumor” + “TV movie of the week” = “confirmed by multiple sources”

  23. Do all of you remember Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand (D – NY) claiming that several of her colleagues made sexist comments to her, shortly after she got to D.C? One even pinched her waist and told her not to lose too much weight, because he liked his women chubby?
    Using Doggy’s logic, we know that they were fellow DemonRATs, because, if they were Republicans, she would have outed them. We all know that liberal men want their women available and on call when they want them. That’s why they jumped on Sandra Fluke’s birth control band wagon.

  24. Massachusetts just passed a law that says churches have to allow drag queens to shower with the girls.
    California just passed a law that says religious schools have to hire Atheists and others who are hostile to their beliefs, as instructors. Basically making it illegal to run an institution of faith.
    Vermont passed a law that says all churches have to give free abortions to their employees.
    When the lawsuits occur and make their way to the supreme court, Hillary’s judges will uphold these laws. The Donald’s may or may not.

  25. It’s worth noting, per Chuck’s comment, that genuine transsexuals–people who have changed their names and birth certificates legally–are pretty much allowed to use what bathroom and locker room nationwide already. The question at hand here is not whether we allow “drag queens”, properly defined, to do this, but rather whether we allow people to access these facilities simply based on their word.

    In other words, it ain’t genuine drag queens I’m worried about. It’s the 843000 people on Megan’s List that will see a golden opportunity.

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  27. If we elect a democrat we get a democrat administration and the Judges a democrat nominates. The government gets bigger and more intrusive.

    If we elect Trump, we get a Republican Administration and the judges he nominates. The government will in all likelihood also get bigger and more intrusive. But the probability of that is somewhat lower.

    These are the issues. Not who is the more flawed candidate. The answer to that question is “Yes, they are flawed. Severely. Pick one.”

  28. Swiftee: You’ll have the next eight years to perfect your Hillary shtick. Try and measure up.

    I myself am “well positioned” to take advantage of an increase in demand for snark.

  29. Somehow, I just knew dog would slither in and do a little slutsplainin and rapist excusin. I was not dissapointed.

    Emery, the only thing you’re well positioned to do is checking your own colon for polyps. Do a good job.

  30. A new lowpoint in journalistic “fact checking”:
    NBC NewsVerified account
    FACT CHECK: Trump says Clinton “acid washed” her email server. She did not.
    More #debate fact checks:

  31. It looks as if Mike Pence has decided to go down with the ship. Indiana’s Sarah Palin.

  32. Jeez, Emery, you would think that the GOP candidates, all moderates, had won, rather than lost, the popular vote in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2008, and 2012.
    That is five out of last six elections, with candidates who were professionals with decades of experience, and the approval of the GOP donors and the GOP congressional delegation.
    What do you think we would be looking at if Kasich was the nominee? Would he do as well as McCain? Romney? Dole?
    I would ask all the #nevertrumpers: “What is your model for GOP victory? Nixon?”

  33. What does Hillary say about the flights her husband took in the last decade on Epstein’s private jet to Lolita island?

  34. The GOP has brought this debacle upon themselves. I suspect Republicans will soon regret the day they blocked holding hearings on Judge Garland.

  35. “The whole point about Trump is not that he is any good, but that she is just as bad.”
    -Andrew Klavan.

  36. I can’t imagine how you can look la belle Bun in the eyes with a candidate like this.

    Wow, Dog S**t. Just wow. Normally you come of as merely vapid and obtuse but this is downright wretched. Please seek professional help post haste.

  37. I wonder how the non-crazy GOP candidates feel knowing there’s a lunatic surrounded by “alt right” fanatics at top of ticket who’s out to get them.

  38. So, I’ve never heard of this ‘alt right’ thing, so I looked it up. In general, when an EVIL political movement no one has ever heard of is villain of the day, you should look for a hoax.
    I found this on the usnews site:
    In the first paragraph the author quotes Hillary Clinton. In the the second it quotes the discredited SPLC.
    Who is the author of this fine bit of journalism? Jeff Nesbitt. Who is Jeff Nesbit? According to his usnews bio page, while directing all the scientific activities of the Bush and Obama administrations, Nesbitt wrote Poison Tea, which ” . . . chronicles the secretive, 20-year alliance between the world’s largest private oil company and the planet’s largest tobacco companies to systematically build the Tea Party movement.”
    All right, then!
    I suspect the Bavarian Illuminati or the International Jewish Conspiracy is behind the secretive — yet powerful — alt-right movement.

  39. I’m far less worried about the extreme right of Congress and far more worried about the extreme right (and left) of the political base with their grievances, legitimate and manufactured. To be successful as a nation, we need to fundamentally identify and address the needs of the powerless – regardless of color, religion, political party, geography.

    This requires attending to public goods that real people need in their lives like first class infrastructure, quality education, and a DOD that was configured to address current needs and confront future threats without spending far more than all potential adversaries combined.

    I think that the Republicans mostly have used grievances of powerless Americans as wedges to pervert federal governance save for military expenditures and of course enable corrupt carve-outs for those who buy or rent them. But while Democrats “talk the talk” far more their “walk” too often tends to favor entrenched elites, more of the status quo, and of course their own corruption. If we can’t change this dynamic, I fear we can’t change the symptoms (consequences) that ail us.

  40. I think that the Republicans mostly have used grievances of powerless Americans as wedges to pervert federal governance…

    First two words were a damned lie, and the rest was nothing more than a buffer dump.

    This requires attending to public goods that real people need in their lives…

    Who are those real people Emery?

    Are they the morally damaged reprobates that troll comment threads, pasting plagiarized bon mots cut from websites far and wide? Are they the dolts that are incapable of resisting the programming that forces them to litter comment threads with idiotic buzz words like real people?

    You and your ilk don’t think, Emery. You surrendered the equipment necessary for the job the second you cast your first Democrat vote…of course, in your case, I firmly believe you didn’t really have that much to surrender to begin with, so it wasn’t much of a loss.

  41. If your leftist owners threw in a cookie Emery, you got the better end of the deal.

  42. Amazing. A candidate like Kasich or Rubio could have won this election, retaken the Supreme Court, and allowed the party to keep control of Congress. Republicans really botched this election.

  43. Emery wrote:
    ” . . . we need to fundamentally identify and address the needs of the powerless ”
    If you need to fundamentally identify and address their needs, by definition they aren’t powerless.

  44. My wife just reminded me that to Mitch’s point of, “he kind of behavior that’d have any responsible corporate board ushering a CEO toward the exits faster than you can say “grab that cat” in this litigious age,” a perfect case in point, Fox News.

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