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As very few of you know, I was on the road a good chunk of this past two weeks; in Hartford the last week of September, and I just got back from Jacksonville late yesterday.

Naturally, I was keeping a close eye on Hurricane Matthew, which I beat out of Jax by about 12 hours.

The most vulnerable time for people and communities during these sorts of disasters is when the population is dislocated; evacuated, out of power, or bludgeoned with massive damage.  If worse comes to worst, coastal Florida and South Carolina might be all three of the above.

Just a reminder to potential looters; last year, Governor Scott signed a law allowing law-abiding gun owners to carry their firearms while complying with evacuation orders without need for a permit (emphasis added).

“As Hurricane Season approaches it’s critical that our rights are protected during natural disasters,” advised Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-Petersburg, in a statement. “With the signing of SB 290, all lawful gun owners will be permitted to carry a concealed weapon if they are complying with a mandatory evacuation during a state of emergency. I’m proud to have sponsored this bipartisan bill ensuring that we have the right to protect our families during these sometimes chaotic times.”

Brandes bill, SB 290, creates an exception to Florida’s prohibition against concealed carry of a weapon without a permit by allowing adults not otherwise prohibited from possessing a firearm to temporally do so while evacuating. The law allows for a 48-hour window that this would be allowed after the evacuation has been ordered. However, the governor can authorize an extension as needed.

Compare this to the arm-twisting that needed to happen with the metro DFL to ban the governor from confiscating firearms during emergencies, and you can see who actually supports freedom, to say nothing of public order.


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  1. Speaking of legal gun owner’s rights, I got this from my cousin this weekend. Not sure if you people knew about it, but hope that you can all make it.

    “On October 25th, two leaders from the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus & PAC will be debating two gun control proponents at an event sponsored by the League of Women Voters in Bloomington.

    Chair Bryan Strawser & Team Leader Sarah Cade will be speaking on behalf of Minnesota’s 2.5 million law abiding gun owners while Rev. Nancy Nord Bence, the Executive Director for Protect Minnesota, and Chief Paul Schnell from the Maplewood Police Department will be speaking in favor of new gun control legislation.

    This is the first time that gun control groups in Minnesota have agreed to debate a gun rights group face to face in many years. You will not want to miss this opportunity.

    Topics on the agenda include:

    “Universal background checks”
    An “assault weapons” ban
    “Gun Violence Restraining Orders”
    Terrorist Watch Lists
    The prohibition on the CDC from conducting gun control studies

    Event Details
    WHEN: October 25th, 2016.
    6:30pm: Light refreshments
    7:00pm – 8:45pm: “Guns: The Issues” Forum”

  2. Mitch, if I can do an off-topic, but this is how the Mpls paper describes one of Bill Clintons rape victims:

    “A sexual-assault victim who is critical of Hillary Clinton and who appeared alongside Donald Trump before Sunday night’s debate was paid $2,500 by a PAC founded by Trump ally Roger Stone.”

  3. I signed up for a ticket. Hopefully something doesn’t come up that would preclude me from making it.

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