Marty Neuman – who took over Keegans when the great Terry Keegan retired – is bringing another of my favorite brands to Nordeast across from Surdyk’s:

The owners of Keegan’s Irish Pub are opening a franchise location of Red’s Savoy Pizza next door to their University Avenue location, in what was formerly the clothing boutique Mona.

Keegan’s Owner Marty Neumann says he bought the franchise for the location. He’s looking to have the Red’s Savoy open by Jan. 1st.

No word whether Alondra Cano has criticized the deal for appropriating Italian culture, but this is otherwise fantastic news.

9 thoughts on “Synergy!

  1. Red’s is pretty good, but there is difference between their stores. Example; there is one on 77th and 100 in Edina. IMO, not as good as the original store in St. Paul.

    Still, Broadway is my fave, followed closely by Carbone’s.

  2. Yeah, that’s a risk a brand takes with franchising. McDonalds makes *being absolutely the same* a key part of the franchise contact. Red’s seems not to. Some are very good; some, not so much.

    Here’s hoping Marty goes for “the same”, and maybe better.

  3. The Red’s at the Lafayette Bridge is great for takeout (allow an hour on weekends) or to eat in. Used to be that eating in also gave you the possibility that a car or motorcycle would crash through the front window, but reconstruction (of the bridge and Red’s facade) have eliminated that. The pizza is still plenty of reason to go, though!

  4. NW: “also gave you the possibility that a car or motorcycle would crash through the front window, “

    people really underestimate the draw of the NASCAR vibe…

  5. NW,

    Cars or motorcycles crashing through the front window?!

    Isn’t that Red’s close to the Democrap party of MN HQ? Just askin’.

  6. Yes, it’s not far from headquarters but the problem was mainly due to the design of the intersection coming off of the bridge (no doubt approved by DFLers). On at least 2 occasions, cars came through the intersection and then crashed into Red’s plate glass front. The first solution was to put a concrete barricade in front of the window. That worked until a motorcycle came through the intersection,Brit the barricade and through the rider through the window and onto one of the dining tables. After that they bricked up the window. The redesigned bridge (completed last fall) cleaned up the intersection issue nicely, too.

  7. Still, Broadway is my fave

    Ditto. Broadway Robbinsdale. Supposedly the same as the original Broadway Mpls (I’ve never been to that one and doubtful I ever will be…I tend to boycott spending money in Mpls unless absolutely necessary). Broadway Crystal on Bass Lk Rd and W. Broadway is supposedly owned by the same people and run the same way, but something about their pizza just isn’t the same as Robbinsdale. Any other suburban Broadway Pizza franchise restaurant is not even close.

  8. Yea, Bill, the Richfield location is closest to me. Consistent quality for over 48 years.

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