MNDFL chair Ken Martin, in re the MN Supreme Court’s decision to toss his attempt to remove Trump/Pence from the ballot:

If they can’t competently follow the rules…how does anyone expect them to run the country,” said Martin.

Yes, Ken.


How indeed?

7 thoughts on “Indeed

  1. Obviously Martin meant that in applying to plebes. For Dictator in Chief President no rules apply … at least as long as they have a (D) after their name.

  2. Speaking of following the rules; Katie Couric and her mousy little friend Stephanie Soechtig, are being sued for slander by the 2A group “Virginians Citizens Defense League” they, well, slandered in their mendacious little gun grabber documentary.

    I think they will win too. Maybe one of our law talking dudes can correct me, but I think this incident has all the parts of a successful slander (or is a recording libel?) lawsuit.

    1. It was deliberate
    2. It was false
    3. It was meant to cause harm
    4. It did harm their reputation

  3. I still have a question which remains unanswered.

    With blatant bias in MSM reporting, especially in light of a recent clip where Bubba’s comments were intentionally edited to change the narrative, does anyone have legal standing to sue MSM for false reporting?

  4. JPA, I’m no lawyer, but I think to claim standing, one minimal requirement is that you’ve got to argue specifically that you were harmed as a direct result of the MSM’s failure to report. Hard to sustain that one in light of the 1st Amendment, really.

    (though clearly we are harmed if people vote for Hilliary because the MSM won’t cover her husband’s accidental honesty accurately)

    To the subject, the lack of self-awareness among the left is just incredible.

  5. How are they going to run the country? – the way it is done now.

    Executive order. Damn the Constitution.

  6. Boss–doubtful. You’d have to persuade a jury, of which at least one person would be likely to be part of the far left and a “low information voter” to begin with, that the media, which has no particular knowledge of anything except for AP Style, was willfully misrepresenting the facts with malice. How do you willfully misrepresent facts when you don’t know any to speak of?

    (BTW, I’m writing this as the husband of a gal who got a journalism degree from Michigan State, one of the better J schools out there….and as the grand-nephew of a guy who was an editor in Louisiana…)

    Plus, there’s that issue of standing. Yes, getting Obama and his minions elected did tons of damage to the country as a whole, but it’s a third degree of separation kind of thing. Usually doesn’t fly in a court of law.

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