30 thoughts on “Why Do Democrats Hate Black Teens?

  1. Because it will make black teens angry, and an angry black teen is a guaranteed vote for the demoncRats. Intended consequence. But you already knew that.

  2. They don’t just hate young black people. They also hate their families and friends, because they’re the ones who suffer when local employers can’t make ends meet paying too high a wage. Where’d that grocery store go again? Sorry, but when you hike wages 50% in a business with 4% margins, bad things happen.

    And who’s surprised? The Democrats have hated blacks since the 1800s. No?

  3. What I can’t stand is the gullible “good intentions” Democrats constantly buying the “Republican Greed caused this situation, not our idiotic policies” argument despite all evidence to the contrary. It’s almost as bad as the “Republicans are more racist than we are” article of faith, which in their minds requires no evidence at all.

  4. Got to get em on welfare early, otherwise they might actually be able to support themselves and realize they don’t need government to live.

  5. DG,

    We seem to have a failure to communicate, here.

    You’re still dumping comments and running, rather than discussing – treating my comment section like your blog. Just as bad? Your version of “discussing” is to continue subjects you prefer into unrelated threads.

    it’s not acceptable. And everyone else – even “Penigma” – seems to get it. Why not you?

    So until your behavior improves, I’m going back to whiting out your comments.

    And you also need to answer a question or two, here:

    • Many years ago, you claimed that Salem Twin Cities was in imminent danger of being sued into receivership, because of a scam being run by one of its paid programs. You made a big show of how one of your neighbors – an expert in corporate law, but naturally nobody we could talk to, of course – backing you up on this.
      . So – whatever became of that? That was at least seven years ago; any updates?
    • Earlier this week, you claimed that states with “tougher gun control laws” had lower crime rates. Please provide a cite, so that I can inevitably show how it’s at best wrong, and at worst just another chanting point designed to gull the feeble-witted.

    I could find a lot more, but I have a life.

    God bless ya, DG, but I’m calling BS on you. Again.


    Dems don’t hate black teens or hate anyone other than racist bigots.

    I see you’ve abandoned your claim that increasing the minimum wage causes restaurants to close. That’s been pretty thoroughly debunked.

    This is rubbish as well. But that is what you get when you don’t multi-source, don’t know anything about economics, have never run a business that employs minimum wage workers, and are not trying to present an honest account of a policy.

    Cherry picking again Mitch, without presenting what contradicting sources find.

    The typical minimum wage worker is not a high school student earning weekend pocket money. In fact, 89 percent of those who would benefit from a federal minimum wage increase to $12 per hour are age 20 or older, and 56 percent are women.

    Myth: Increasing the minimum wage will cause people to lose their jobs.

    Not true: In a letter to President Obama and congressional leaders urging a minimum wage increase, more than 600 economists, including 7 Nobel Prize winners wrote, “In recent years there have been important developments in the academic literature on the effect of increases in the minimum wage on employment, with the weight of evidence now showing that increases in the minimum wage have had little or no negative effect on the employment of minimum-wage workers, even during times of weakness in the labor market. Research suggests that a minimum-wage increase could have a small stimulative effect on the economy as low-wage workers spend their additional earnings, raising demand and job growth, and providing some help on the jobs front.”

    5) Myth: It will cost us jobs and raise unemployment

    So far, there is no evidence that raising the minimum wage causes an increase in unemployment or job loss. In fact, in a Goldman Sachs analysis of the 13 states which have raised their minimum wage, found that “the states where the minimum wage went up had faster employment growth than the states where the minimum wage remained at its 2013 level.”
    6) Myth: Only teenagers and uneducated people work for the minimum wage

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 4.7 percent of the working population make at or below the minimum wage. While a disproportionate percentage are under the age of 25—about 35 percent, according to the Center for Economic and Policy Research—the population who would benefit from a minimum wage increase is—on average—35 years old. Eighty-eight percent are over the age of 20.

    This is in part because there just are more low-wage workers than ever in the United States, and more of them are college-educated. Just over 43 percent of the people who work for the minimum wage have attended college and about 10 percent of them earned degrees, compared to 5.7 percent in 1979.j


    As to your actual comment? I’m less and less inclined to answer your comments until I see some indication this is a discussion rather than you metablogging.

    So – discuss. Or don’t. I have all the white font coloring I need.

  6. DG,

    See my previous response to your earlier comment. Two questions and a request.

    By the way – I’m told you ban commenters whom you find inconvenient. Care to respond to that claim?


    Is it your contention that the black community of protesters ALSO don’t care about black teens? Also, long term employment means more than short term unemployment statistics. Long term, higher minimum wage is better for EVERYONE. Why is the GOP so consistently the party of poverty-causing policies, in spite of empty language about aspiration? Gosh, that must be part of why people of color don’t vote Republican. That, and racism on the right generally.

    Speaking of economic policy failures on the right, I see where Brownbacklash is in effect in Kansas, throwing tea bagger pols out by voting them down in primaries. Looks like Brownback’s failure is beginning to catch up with them. Tsk tsk tsk. Kansas conservatives waited long enough — too long really — to acknowledge the failure of Brownback economics. Trickle down is a laff as in Laffer is a failure….bwahahahahahahahahahaahahhaahahaah.

    “Fight for 15 and Black Lives Matter have previously teamed up for actions across the country. In November, when the movements held protests in hundreds of cities, activists from Oakland, California explained why they were protesting together in a statement released at the time. “Black Lives Matter Bay Area joined this day of action because when more than half of all Black workers make less than $15 an hour we have to take a stand to say Black Lives Matter at work, too,” the statement said.


    Is there something worth replying to in your comment, DG? Perhaps – but until I see some sign that you’ve stopped abusing my comment section, I don’t really care.

    I don’t ask much of commenters, DG. Discuss, don’t dump and run.

  7. Funny thing is that weve tolerated her years longer than any SJW would. Does anyone care to respond to her dumps? Or should we just ignore her? She’s been a troll before trolling was a thing.

  8. Mitch did you ban AngryClown or have they just gone into hiding. I liked AC, not quite as annoying as DG and would actually engage.

  9. Meanwhile, your community activists’ version of democracy is to flood the City Council meeting with people and bullhorns to shout down any dissent to their vision of $15/hr minimum wage – and then threaten to sue when their demands aren’t met.

  10. “I see you’ve abandoned your claim that increasing the minimum wage causes restaurants”


    We’ve talked about this. This is just moronic.

    Not mentioning every issue in every post doesn’t convey any position, or lack of it.

    Put another way: I see you have abandoned your stance against female genital mutilation, since you said nothing about it in your comment. That’s assuming you were ever opposed to it – since I don’t see that you’ve ever written about it.

    That would be stupid of me to say.

    It’d be even dumber to believe. Which you, apparently, do.

    DG, you argue like a fourth-grader.

  11. I never banned AC. He’s just been very busy for a while now. He pops up about once a year, IIRC.–

    In this history of this blog, I’ve banned three stalkers, one person whose “contributions” were increasingly dark and bizarre and just not interesting anymore, and one person who was getting a little too emotional about things and needed a break.

  12. Democrats chant that others are “racist bigots”, absent any evidence, so they can feel good about hating political enemies.

    Little Richard Nixons.

  13. Regarding DG’s question of whether black activists hate blacks, I believe it was no less than Booker T. Washington who noted that many such activists of his day were not interested in the actual betterment of blacks, because if they got better off, they would lose their jobs. So yes, there are many out there (I’m thinking Sharpton is at the top of the list) who desire anything but the betterment of African-Americans.

    And regarding DG’s claim that minimum wages don’t cause unemployment, all the economists in the world can’t override the realities of supply and demand. If your work is worth $8/hour and the minimum wage is $15/hour, your employer will soon be your ex-employer, period. The question is simply whether he goes bankrupt in the process. Those who ignore Economics 101 do indeed hate those they mislead.

  14. DG, you argue like a fourth-grader.

    Mitch, as the father of a fourth grader, I think you owe my son an apology.

  15. LBJ’s words ring true after signing the civil rights bill… ” have those n****** voting Democrat for the next 200 years”.

  16. I just can’t bring myself to say or even type that word. It’s literally the only curse/dirty word i refuse to use, on its own. I cringe whenever I hear people of any color say it. It’s one of many reasons I believe gangster rap is probably the #1 thing holding the black community back, well that and out of wedlock births.

  17. Mitch: In the past I think you used a different color for Penigma’s Chihuahua’s comments which required anyone who was interested to actually highlight over the white space to see the drivel.

  18. ” I cringe whenever I hear people of any color say it.” Thanks POD, I also can’t stand derogatory racial slurs, I wasn’t brought up that way.

  19. Nor was I, my grandpa on my Dad’s side was staunchly pro civil rights, in southern Illinois, in the 1950’s and 60’s. When that was actually a hard thing to be in that area.

  20. I also can’t stand derogatory racial slurs, I wasn’t brought up that way.

    Unless it is Blazing Saddles

  21. Man I don’t know to be honest I grew up in a different time and I don’t find that word funny period, end of story. I actually had to turn off blazing saddles because of it. Although I will cop to the one time I did laugh was Chappelle’s show fake documentary about Clayton Bigsby, the blind black white supremacist. Those are 5-8 of the funniest minutes ever put on TV.

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  23. POD, sad to hear you have succumbed to political correctness brainwashing. Word is just a word, it is a context that it is used that matters. In Mel Brooks world – it is pure comedy.

  24. Blacks use “the n-word” as anything from a term of endearment to an insult among themselves, but use anyone other than another black using it as an insult. Very strange.

    I’ll agree to not use it due to the recent history associated with it in the South, but I’ll mock anyone who says that it can’t be used as being a racist since the word can only be used by one race.

  25. I’ll agree to not use it due to the recent history associated with it in the South…

    I have to gently object, Nerd. You might have heard it spoken openly more often in the South, but I never heard it spoken more often anywhere than Minnesota. In fact, I’ve never been around more racists, overt and covert, than in Minnesota…overtly as hell up in the deep blue Iron Range and Arrowhead, and covertly in the deep blue Twin Cities.

    Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind you that one of the last lynchings of black men in America occurred in Duluth.

  26. I feel that using it makes your intelligence in my view drop about 20 IQ points. White, black, brown, I believe it shouldn’t be used out of common decency. Like how the word colored to describe blacks for centuries. Now it is such a nasty and unused word even racists don’t use it anymore (I think, I interact with a depressing amount of them on facebook). I’m not for making any word illegal. I’m a 1st amendment absolutist on that. This whole banning hate speech stuff has me creeped the fuck out.

  27. I agree with you POD. Racism, that is judging people by their race, and their race alone, is just not logical and exposes a lack of intelligence. Now, for reasons cultural, environmental, educational and political some negative stereotypes however, are rooted in fact. I think that failure to acknowledge that is as illogical as racism, and name calling.

    Leftists often base their criticisms on a failure, intentional or not, to differentiate the two.

  28. Swiftee, you just have to realize that a leftist will believe that all lifestyle choices are valid … except for white, Christian, and male ones where no choice is right.

  29. Like for example I have a serious problem with Somali Americans. Because their culture sucks, they dont assimilate, and their 2nd generation kids want to go fight for ISIS. The fact they are black plays zero role in my opinion of them. Like if I had been alive during the days when the IRA was a thing I would have hated them. Oh also my favorite recently, holocaust deniers in groups im in on facebook. Those people are scum as well. And most of them are lily white.

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