6 thoughts on “And Their Foreman Was The Notorious Republican, George Wallace!

  1. One black congresswoman referred to herself last week as a “freed slave”. Our nation is run by social justice majors from Macalester.

  2. When Mooch’s ancestors were first delivered to America in chains, my ancestors met them at the dock in chains.

    They would have been very familiar with plantation life, since Ireland had been divided into English plantations for more than 100 years by the time African slaves arrived in America.

    We Irish could sympathize with Mooch and her ilk, but we are too busy working, raising our families and paying taxes to worry about things that happened 150 years ago…fact is, we don’t have any more memory of it than Mooch does.

  3. And Swiftee, you don’t live in the White House, waited on by taxpayer funded servants, and taking several HUGE vacations a year costing several million dollars. Or wearing $10,000 item of clothing while bitching about how bad you have it and how horrible America is.

  4. Never let truth get in the way of the narrative. “Plagiarism” vs outright lies. Take your pick, America.

  5. I remember noting back in 2008 that Obama’s proposals for mandatory “volunteer” service to the country violated the 13th Amendment. Go figure; yes, the Democrats want to divert attention from the truth for a very good reason.

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