An attack by a Muslim acting on behalf of ISIS, who was a registered Democrats, got this reaction at the New York “Pride” Parade over the weekend:

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.17.46 AM

The Democrat Party – and let’s be frank, it’s the Democrats who are behind banners like this – is all about ending the namecalling and anger…by Republicans.

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  1. Facts don’t matter. You control the message to promote the needed narrative. See Mathew Sheppard.

  2. Per Swiftee’s comment, here’s HIV by group from the CDC:

    Scary thing is that if the CDC is correct, the 2% of men coming to age who become homosexual or bisexual, about 45000 per year, have about a 20% chance of dying from AIDS–about 2/3 of infections (30k/year among MSM) and deaths (9-10k among MSM). It’s like Russian roulette, just over 20-30 years instead of in one drunken evening.

    And of course if I remember the pro-homosexual rights pamphlets I’ve received as a student a while back–and the articles I’ve seen in the “couple of” ensuing years–there are also huge issues with mental illness, crime, suicide, drug use, and the like as well. Someone needs to read Pogo and take the message “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”.

    Not a bad message for any of us, as we destroy our lives with debt, laziness, and the like.

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