Mother Nature

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

In the olden days, a child born out of wedlock was illegitimate and not entitled to support from the father.  Fear for her child kept women from straying which contributed to social stability.  Apparently, it’s not just a human thing.

 Too bad the birdbrains who changed our laws are not as smart as sparrows.

 Joe Doakes

The first step to saving our society may be a game show for our politicians and media stars called “Are You Smarter Than A Small Bird?”

I’m afraid we’d have to run qualifiers through a round of “Are You Smarter Than An Invertebrate?”

4 thoughts on “Mother Nature

  1. OT: swift, can you vouch for your whereabouts on June 27th?

    A concealed carry permit holder stopped an attempted mass shooting outside Playoffz nightclub on June 27

  2. If it had been Swiftee, we’d be talking about more than an injury to the perp, I think.

    Regarding the topic, it strikes me that child support is the least of the issues causing single parenting. Welfare (including the Health Insurance Deform Act’s subsidies), presumption of female custody, and the like are as big or bigger. We need to bring back debtor’s prison for people who can’t keep it in their pants.

  3. JPA if you pull a pistol to do a crime down here, you better expect a response. I’d safely guess that 60% of the guys in my office are carrying every day, and they are nerds.

    We share stories about the poor things that seem bent on eventually pulling off a successful robbery at a Waffle House. So far they’re about 0 for 50, with 1/4 paying with their lives….do not mess with a man eating his steak and eggs.

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