Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Americans of my generation are dreamers.  We grew up believing the future held flying cars, any boy could become President or even better, an astronaut, and we’d eventually find the Perfect Girl.  We grew up believing America was the greatest nation on Earth, prosperity was here to stay and things would only get better, for ourselves and for our children.

 What do people like that do when flying cars turn out to be crappy little tin cans, when American astronauts have to hitch rides on Russian rockets, when The Girl leaves, taking the children with her?  What do we believe in when the President tells us “You didn’t build that,” sends jobs out of the country, brings in millions of welfare leeches and not only lets our sworn enemies have The Bomb, he pays them $100 Billion to do it? 

 What is left to believe in, when mental illness becomes constitutional right, when a lifetime of savings and equity evaporates, when college students are afraid of chalk and seemingly sensible people can no longer figure out which bathroom to use?

What do you do when your dream dies?  White Male suicide is skyrocketing.  Is losing the dream, the reason why?

 Doesn’t matter – you DESERVE to die.  Because Privilege

 Joe Doakes

And people ask why Trump is doing so very very well these days.

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  1. Hmmm. One has to wonder how much privilege Silvia has. Anchor baby? Affirmative Action? Cushy college professorship?

  2. What part of “making America great again” don’t you understand?

  3. Polling for Trump is going to be a real crap shoot. Only one in four would ever admit to a stranger they’re actually going to vote for him. Also, you won’t see a lot of Trump bumper stickers because, well, KEYS!

  4. I’m seeing a lot of “died suddenly” in the obituaries for middle aged men, and I don’t know for sure, but I’ve got to wonder. I also have a number of relatives and friends who are on disability, and quite frankly it is a killer–far more dangerous, really, than the injuries and illnesses they’ve sustained.

  5. I remember when P.J. O’Rourke was reporting from election night in Nicaragua in 1990, after the Sandinistas allowed free elections and Chamorro upset Ortega. A large number of American lefty celebs, and garden-variety lefties (the “Sandalistas” was O’Rourke’s description) had come down for the party and were forced to eat their Birkenstocks. They couldn’t imagine how it had happened, when all the polls had been showing a huge Sandanista win.

    IIRC, O’Rourke explained it along the lines of, “Excuse me you poor, rural peasant. I’m a complete stranger holding a microphone in your face and I’d like to know who you’re voting for in the election when the party in power has ability and the will to take the little you have left, even your life. So, who do you like?”

    Now that Ortega is back in power I don’t think the Sandanistas (and others of that stripe) will take the risk of a free election again.

  6. I’m not sure most Trump supporters understand that his “great success as a businessman” largely stems from making promises he can’t keep and cheating people when he owes them money. Keep that in mind as he makes his promises, one of which is that he’ll pay us all back for our support of him later.

  7. Emery, this post was about suicide, which is a mental health issue. You thread-jacked it to bash Trump. Again.

    Why do you HATE people who suffer from lack of adequate mental health care? Why do you want them to DIE? Why are you such a HATER?

  8. Right. My concern is the inadequate healthcare our veterans receive. If someone wants to commit suicide with their firearm that’s their right to do so.

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