Those Who Forget Stupid-People History Are Doomed To Repeat It

The Early ’70s – the National Coalition to Ban Handguns distributes signs indicating that the home is “proud to be gun-free”.

They made the usual, predictable media splash – the nation’s opinion-pushers were pretty roundly anti-gun in those days, and they’d done a pretty fair job of bandwagoning a good chunk of American opinion into line with them.

But then a funny thing happened.

The robbery rates in “gun-free homes” shot through the roof; owners of posted homes found that they were being robbed at a rate vastly, vastly, utterly, screamingly, almost satirically higher than their neighbors.

So the signs disappeared almost as fast as the “no guns allowed” signs vanished from Twin Cities bars after “gun-free” bars found themselves getting stuck up at an alarming rate.

We’re seeing a pattern here – right?

And by “we” I mean anyone whose EKG is ticking in the least bit.

Because not everybody does.

UPDATE:  Hah!  It look like the “red light” story is from a satire site!   The story is fake…

…but accurate.

In other words, I’ve fallen for a line that is devoid of fact.  Just like Senator Latz, Representatives Norton and Schoen, Heather Martens, the Right Reverend Nancy Nord Bence, Joan Peterson and Nick Coleman.  Only mine doesn’t trample the Constitution and get innocent people killed.

11 thoughts on “Those Who Forget Stupid-People History Are Doomed To Repeat It

  1. this is a twofer: 1)not only can you virtue-signal your neighbors,
    2)but you can supplement the family income by providing services to anyone who knocks on the door looking for $2 whores

  2. Mac-Groveland, Linden Hills, and Kenwood could all become Out-And-Proud Red Light Districts. How cool is that?
    Hell we’d even be able to find DG’s little dog kennel late at night.

  3. Guns? Who owns a gun? Certainly not me. I don’t want an ultra-dangerous murder machine ANYWHERE near me or my family.

    That’s what I would tell my doctor if he asked.

  4. Bill C
    yes, I’ve run into the political questions lately at the clinic:

    Are there guns in your home? “No of course not. ”
    Is there anyone you are afraid of? “Yes, hospital bureaucrats, insurance co bureaucrats and elected officials.”
    Do you smoke? “No, never. (really, never admit to even smoking the occasional cigar – Ins co data bases track that as “current smoker”)”
    Do you drink alcohol, if so how much? “Yes, enough to offend the Puritans of the AMA and the US Govt. ”
    How much is that? “How much would offend you?”

    Remember with Obamacare a lot of people have access to those records in addition to your employer. Don’t give them truthful answers to the political questions unless it bears directly upon your reason for being in the clinic.

  5. Kel, exactly. If I get asked a political question not directly related to my immediate health care need, I’ll act just like Hillary. Every single word coming out of my mouth will be a well calculated lie.

  6. Fortunately, my doc is a hunter and fisherman.

    Unfortunately though, he’s a year younger than me and runs marathons. So, he’s always giving me the old “you know, if you would lose some weight, you might be able to ditch the blood pressure medicine”. Dammit!

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