This Is What A Majority Looks Like

After much sturm und drang, Rep. Schoen brought “Rep. Norton’s” gun-grab “bills” (the “Exes are Guilty ’til Proven Innocent” and “Register All Law-Abiding Gun Owners” bills were copied and pasted from the Bloomberg; they were no more “Norton’s” “bills” than they were mine) – to the House floor as amendments (the only way they had a shot at getting voted on, since the committee deadline for standalone bills passed weeks ago).

Speaker Daudt ruled it out of order.

The DFL moved to try to override the ruling.

This is what happened (reps votes are to the right of their names):


Photo courtesy Bryan Strawser, MNGOC/MNGOPAC,   Green means voting to uphold Speaker Daudt’s ruling that the amendment was out of order – in other words, to support killing the amendments.

As Andrew Rothman at GOCRA put it:

In a routine and overwhelming vote, Rep. Schoen’s universal gun registration amendment was ruled out of order late last night.
And poof – the bills went away.  That’s it.  Done (except for “Protect” MN’s inevitable upcoming whining and posturing).

(More here).

Results like this could be matters of routine in both chambers – if the MNGOP could win and hold majorities.

More on this on tomorrow’s show.

5 thoughts on “This Is What A Majority Looks Like

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  2. The next time you hear some Lefty prattle on about civil rights protecting us from a dictatorship of the majority, ask him what will protect us from a dictatorship of the minority?
    It might start an interesting conversation.

  3. Slashdot has grown very left wing over the last decade or so. Even controversial topics, like AGW, run about 4:1 Leftist comments.
    ‘Smart guns’ topics topics run about 4:1 the other way, even in response to biased, pro “smart gun” posts. The anti-gun forces have lost the argument, conclusively, which means that they will now pursue non-democratic means to accomplish their goal.
    There are about six left-wing regular posters who dominate slashdot. There are no regular right-wing posters.

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