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Journalist tries – and miserably fails – to keep up with Winston Churchill’s daily drinking pace

…and, in the process, indulges in some journalism, popping a few myths about Churchill’s drinking.  His celebrated whiskey-and-sodas before noon included just enough whiskey to wet the bottom of the tumbler; his two bottles of champagne a day were pint-sized, not the liter or larger sized bottles common today.

But still, the guy drank a lot.

Oh, just read it.

3 thoughts on “Journalism We Can Use

  1. Truly a useful article. I must try it myself someday. Just for historical accuracy of course.

  2. Churchill was born less than a decade after the end of the American Civil War and lived until 1965. When the Wright Brothers flew at Kittyhawk, Churchill was nearly 30 years old. When he died, at age 90, there had been two world wars. People had orbited the Earth in spaceships.
    Never again will humanity be changed so much in such a short period of time.

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