Open Letter To Bruce Springsteen

To:  Bruce Springsteen
From:  Mitch Berg, Longtime Fan
Re:  Beliefs


As everyone knows, I’m a longtime fan – at least in part because you are, or at least were during your heyday, the writer of some of the most evocative music there is for conservatives.

Now comes news that you’ve cancelled your concerts in North Carolina, because of (the liberal media’s distorted version of) a rest-room bill.

Some, especially on my side of the political fence, will no doubt criticize you for this stance.

I, however, come to praise you for it.  Because, given that there are no doubt contractual obligations involved with your North Carolina appearances between your promoters, your production company, the venue and the countless vendors involved, not to mention tens of thousands of tickets for the event, you would seem to be risking a lot…

…to stand up for a businessperson’s right to not serve people they morally disagree with.


That is all.

5 thoughts on “Open Letter To Bruce Springsteen

  1. Heh, I see what you did there. So should someone in NC sue The Boss to force him to serve them, against his will?

    I, like you, am a Springsteen fan…of his music, not the man. I listen to his live concerts on Sirius Radio. They go back to the earliest days. Each concert he takes a few moments to rant about political things. I have a slogan for Springsteen. “Bruce, being wrong about everything since 1974”.

  2. golf clap

    However, WTF is going on here? The most important issue the Reprobate party can dredge up is getting men who wear dresses into the girls bathroom? Really?

    This is payback from the pencil necked, booger eating twerps who never got away with a panty raid in college. They feared getting their skinny asses whipped by the sorority, and now plan to use the power of the US government to get them into the inner sanctum.

  3. Hugh Heffner must be laughing himself silly. All those years high school guys spent studying photos of girls in the shower when we could have been looking at them in person, if only we had known the magic words “pre-operative transgender.”

  4. I suggest he change the name to Bruce Springsteen and the PC Street Band.

    In the interest of clarity, of course.

    Seriously, I really don’t care if Bruce never comes here again. I’ve seen him more than a few times and it’s gone downhill since the 80s so seeing him again has no attraction for me. So his decision is a real “meh” to me.

    On the other hand, now that Bryan Allen is doing the same thing as Bruce, I see a real upside to laws like these.

  5. Bryan Adams, Nerdbert. And of course, he’s not willing to sing in Mississippi, but he is willing to sing in Egypt and Dubai. My guess is that he really appreciates nasty, dangerous bathrooms wherever he goes.

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