We Got A Real Pressure-Cooker Goin’ Here…

WELCOME “MERCURY RISING” “READER”(S):  Wow. “Phoenix” is still yapping about this?  Sheesh.  Even for an anonymous gutless leftyblogger, “she” is a dim little specimen, isn’t she?

Let me give you a little background, so you know know something – which is more than “Phoenix” can ever say:  In radio, you always plug the show after yours.  Hell, if “Phoenix” and “Avidor” (heh heh) bought time after my show, I’d give them a plug – and they’re “both” idiots!   Because that’s what you do when you do radio.

“Phoenix” thinks this is evidence of a “close tie between Bradlee Dean and the GOP”.  I have faith enough in people to know that most of you know that correlation doesn’t equal causation.

Hey, tell “Phoenix” I said I!  And tell her to go easy on the “thuddingly stupd”, or “she” might run out!


Today, the Northern Alliance Radio Network brings you the best in Minnesota conservatism from 9AM-3PM.

  • Volume I “The First Team” –  Brian and John or some combination thereof kick off from 11-1.
  • Volume II “The Headliner”Ed and I are up from 1-3.  And it’s gonna be a huge show; we’ll have Bradlee Dean from the “Sons of Liberty” broadcast (3-5PM Saturdays on AM1280) to talk about their gala dinner with Michele Bachmann, coming up in the next week!  Then, Paul Scofield joins us – he’s the token conservative running for the Hopkins school board (and lordy, do they need him!).  Then we’ll be talking with Kyle McNary, author of Pitch Black, about Negro League baseball in the upper midwest.  You heard that right!
  • The King Banaian Show! – That’s right, KB is back, doing the economic voodoo he do, Saturday mornings from 9-11 on AM1570, Business Radio for the Twin Cities!  We’re broadening the franchise; two stations, now!
  • And don’t forget, our long-time colleagues David Strom and Margaret Martin lead things off on the David Strom Show from 9-11AM!

(All times Central)

So tune in to all six hours of the Northern Alliance Radio Network, the Twin Cities’ media’s sole guardians of sanity. You have so many options:

  • AM1280 in the Metro
  • streaming at AM1280’s Website,
  • On Twitter (the Volume 2 show will use hashtag #narn2)
  • UStream video and chat (at HotAir.com or at UStream).
  • Podcast at Townhall, usually by Monday
  • Good ol’ telephone – 651-289-4488!

Join us!

7 thoughts on “We Got A Real Pressure-Cooker Goin’ Here…

  1. But they get no BOLD and Bullet Point.

    BTW, there’s a conservative running for Robbinsdale 281 school board, Andrew Richter. Vote early and often!

  2. But they get no BOLD and Bullet Point.

    Because they’re not the NARN. I’m not AM1280’s promotions department!

  3. Sure I am!

    These weekly plugs are to promote the show I do and – in the case of the NARN1 and NARN3 shows – created, way back when.

    Should I plug everything else on the Patriot – Bill Bennett, Mike Gallagher, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Savage and Dennis Miller every weekday, Real Estate Chalktalk/Strom/NARN1-3/Sons of Liberty/Josh Arnold/Bison Football? Perhaps, but it makes the posts unwieldy.

    I guess I stick to plugging the shows for whose success I”m directly responsible, whatever the politics…

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