A Good Gal With A Gun: If It Saves One Life…

East-side Saint Paul man jumped by group of teen thugs stabbed in the eye with a stick, missing being blinded by mere millimeters.

The attack took place in an alley behind Geranium Avenue, near Payne Avenue. “When I got hit, I got dazed a little and fell to my knees, but I got up and continued to fight off my attackers,” Chang said.

Chang shouted to his sister-in-law, who had been in the vehicle with him and locked herself inside, to phone his wife and ask her to come out of the home with a gun.

Both Chang and his wife have permits to carry, and she came outside with a gun, Chang said. The attackers ran off.

I read these stories – gangs of youths roaming the neighborhoods, beating people to within an inch of their lives, like Ray Widstrand a couple of years ago – and wonder when the left will start to apply their old warhorse, “if it saves one life…”.

There’s one, right here.


9 thoughts on “A Good Gal With A Gun: If It Saves One Life…

  1. In the movie version, it’ll be a late-middle-aged White man coming out of his house with a gun to tell Black youths to get off his lawn . . . and the courageous prosecutor will charge him with Brandishing.

  2. Don’t forget Joe, he’ll have a Gadsen flag sticker on his pick up, and will be holding a can of Pabst in his free hand.

  3. who drinks Pabst? I thought that disappeared with Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer.

  4. Gadsen flag sticker on his pick up

    And a confederate flag in the back window.

  5. Stabbed with a stick? When you can pick up a fully automatic Kalishnikov at any gun show, no questions asked and no background check, loaded with cop killer bullets? (at least if what the Brady Bunch was telling us was correct, ha ha)

    Seriously, hope he recovers quickly, and it’s almost a bummer that none of the perps suffered acute lead poisoning.

  6. My thinking is that left wing nuts anti gun crap will only stop after a couple of these roaming bands of thugs beat someone like Scott Dibble or Paul Theissen senseless.

  7. Dang, my comment should have had a second line but I used wrong brackets. And now the moment is gone…

    ban all pointy sticks!

    ( cue Monty Python banana skit )

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