At Long Last, Agreement

At this past weekend’s Democrat candidates’ debate, Bernie Sanders testily shushed Hillary when she tried to interrupt him:

“If you are talking about the Wall Street bailout, where some of your friends destroyed this economy…” Sanders began.

“You know…” Clinton interjected.

“Excuse me, I’m talking,” Bernie stopped her.

“If you’re gonna talk, tell the whole story, Senator Sanders,” she shot back.

“Let me tell my story. You tell yours,” he retorted.

Policy-wise?  Who cares.

Etiquette-wise?  I could give the old duffer a big hug.

One of the biggest critters on my peeve farm lately is the sense of entitlement some people bring to interrupting others.  Of course, interrupting ones’ subordinates has always been a way to pee on your tree to establish corporate pecking order – but I’ve noticed in recent years it’s been moving down the corporate food chain.  People seem to feel more entitled to just interject whenever they feel like it.  Sometimes it’s an honest mistake – thinking you see a hole in the conversation where there isn’t one (sheepishly raises hand).  With others, it’s that they just don’t care that you’re talking, and they want the floor.  Now.

Incredibly, and utterly predictably, Clinton’s partisans are calling Sanders “sexist” for his response.

Of course they are.  What else could they say?

If there’s a person in this world who can not, not now, not ever, complain about being the victim of sexism on any level, ever, it’s Hillary Clinton.  She is arguably the most powerful woman in America (possibly tied with Oprah); she’s part of the 1% of the 1%.  If there is a woman in America who never needs to worry about being overpowered by the evil male, it’s Hillary.

It is, indeed, Hillary’s defenders who are being the sexists; Clinton walked over an unspoken societal rule (and a pet peeve of mine!), and got what she (and anyone) deserved.

Women – especially immensely powerful and wealthy ones – dealing with natural consequences of their adult actions.  What a concept.

8 thoughts on “At Long Last, Agreement

  1. Wasn’t HILLARY the Secretary of State?
    Given the recent war-talk from Kim Jong Un, I think we need to send Hillary to North Korea immediately.
    And she should take her daughter with her. Chelsea has a graduate degree in public health, you know. I am certain the Norks will know just how to put her talents to use.
    And HILLARY should stay in North Korea for as long as it takes to reduce the tensions. Years, if necessary.
    I think that Bill would be on board with that.

  2. If I’d been Bernie, I’d have said “sure, I’ll tell the whole story. Not only did your family foundation accept massive donations from Wall Street, but they did so at the same time they were getting favorable treatment from the State Department you headed at the time.”

  3. And while Hillary runs ads attacking Johnson Controls for taking free gov’t money that they didn’t request nor take. Yet she voted for the free money program.

  4. Bernie does not want to win, he wants to pull Hillary to the left, and he is succeeding. Whatever happens in the senate and house, she will be far to the left of congress. Get ready for executive orders on stearoids.
    The woman is unpopular and her political skills are abysmal, and the Clintons have a record of sacrificing the political careers of others to suit their own ends. I am certain that the Democrat politicians know this. She could very well be impeached by a democratic house and senate.

  5. BG: I’m not sure about that. I think her fanbase is still large enough, rabid enough, and unhinged enough that I doubt a majority of Dem legislators would risk impeaching her. A classic case of “you made your bed, now lie in it”.

    NW: Hilarious link, and I’d like Bernie to mansplain his resplendent locks of hair.

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