Problem Solved

Y’know, if only we had universal background checks, perhaps guns wouldn’t get onto “the street” like this:

That’s right – if we can only get law-abiding citizens to submit to proctological exams, that’ll solve it.

3 thoughts on “Problem Solved

  1. Smash and grab is evolving. Notice the concrete in front of the store? It used to be that they’d just take a vehicle and drive it into the store front. Now they have to steal a truck and use that to pull open the door. The “youths” involved in this theft aren’t totally stupid, and they’re definitely very organized. Less than 3 minutes, far faster than cops can respond.

  2. I notice that the truck is working pretty hard to pull it open. I’m guessing that the “old method” of crashing into the store might not have actually worked with the strength of the store’s system.

    It also strikes me that gun stores might do well to invest in “hurricane glass” in the future–it’s a laminated tempered glass that is darned near bulletproof.

  3. Clearly, this is a group of middle-aged white NRA members out for a gun ‘fix.’ Probably leadership.

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