10 thoughts on “As Identity Politics Zigzags Back And Forth Over The Shark

  1. He’s just trying to get the Obama administration to require his employer to give him free Vyyy agra (not sure if Mitch’s software bans that word).

  2. Jenner is actually a Republican. There, just destroyed another libturd inclusivity myth for you, bubba. And, can you imagine how celebrated Milo would be if he were a dumbocrat? Instead, they are having group therapy sessions for students who were traumatized to have listened to him.

  3. If Bernie gets the nomination, the media may try to carry him over the finish line. I’ve seen this happen with Democrats three times — Carter (’76), Clinton, and Obama. Hillary does not inspire idealism the way that Carter (’76 only), Clinton, and Obama did (Gore and Kerry didn’t either).
    It’s interesting to war game this. If Hillary gets the nomination because she’s gamed the system, we may see a replay of the ’68 election, with Hillary as Humphrey, Sanders as Muskie, and whoever the GOP candidate is as Nixon.
    No one wants to see a replay of ’68.
    It was followed by the 70’s.

  4. Darn you to heck, JPA, for introducing reality into my smart aleck comment. :^)

    Maybe Sanders-RuPaul?

  5. I’m a bit confused. What exactly did Bernie say to set off NARAL?. “Women make $0.70 on the dollar because of sexism.”? While it’s a false statement, it’s a standard liberal lying point.

    Oh, nevermind. He’s a man. Almost forgot that because Gloria declared him a woman.

    He should just say that he now identifies as a woman. As we all know, that can’t be challenged.

  6. As we all know, that can’t be challenged

    Remember the lesson from Clinton 98:1 – “And yea, when a Clinton is involved, all orthodoxy is as the wind in the sails, or the sand in the tide”“.

    If a feminist icon – Hillary or Bill – is in the race, the orthodoxy is what they say it is. Or isn’t.

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