8 thoughts on “While You’re All Outraged About The Apple Flap…

  1. As a former landlord I wish, wish, wish I would have had something to stop my tenants from lying to me on their app and then trashing my property.

  2. Cleanliness is next to Godli….Big Government Gaia-ness, MBerg.
    Government is simply the name we give to the things we choose to do together.
    I swear these people see “1984” as an instruction manual instead of a warning.

  3. Sef +++ Unbelievable. And I think I keep saying the following much more often lately: I thought I left all this shit behind when I left Soviet Union.

  4. One would think that the city is unaware that landlords have a vested interest in making sure their properties don’t reek so much as to make a skunk faint. Criminy.

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  6. I can see one city doing it since idiots and ninnies are plentiful and occasionally get into positions of power, but the League of Minnesota Cities intervening on their behalf?!

  7. I owned and operated rental property in St. Paul until 2012. St. Paul has a similar licensing scheme – they send an inspector every few years to walk through the building and look for violations of the building code and fire code.

    The theory is that in your own home, you are responsible for maintenance so if you want to live in a sh**hole, that’s your lookout. But tenants cannot install missing handrails, replace worn carpet or hard-wire smoke detectors. The government must act to protect tenants who lack the legal right to protect themselves.

    Landlords hate it because codes are always changing so the inspectors always find something to tag which requires a follow-up visit and an additional inspection fee (one year it was replacing all the window latches on double-hung windows to keep out rapists).

    Tenants hate it because inspectors insist you cannot use extension cords, plug strips or Christmas lights; you cannot place your dresser where it will obstruct an egress window; you cannot leave your shoes in the hallway where someone might trip over them . . . on and on, all of it “health and safety” but all of it chickens**t. Of course, I knew the code, knew what they’d look for, did my own inspections in advance, helped the tenants hide cords and move dressers to avoid violations and then told the tenants when the inspectors were gone so they could move everything back again.

    If this was an owner-occupied unit, I could see the issue. It’s my half the duplex, leave me alone. But as to the rental side, I can see the city’s point – who looks out for the tenant? These people fought the city in 2012 on the same issue and lost but there was a big case in 2013 that may have changed the law. We’ll see if they do better this time.

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