They Don’t Give Participation Trophies For Life

Minneapolis and St. Paul schools continue to fail.

Hundreds of school districts in the state are not making significant progress in closing achievement gaps, including the state’s largest urban districts, Minneapolis and St. Paul.

All Minnesota school districts and charter schools are required to improve reading and math test scores, boost graduation rates and cut achievement gaps for all students, under a state law passed in 2013.

But in its first progress report, the Minnesota Department of Education says that many are not meeting their targets.

If they do not meet their goals by the 2017-18 school year, some of their state funding could be in jeopardy.

(Not to worry.  They’ll find a way to keep the parts of the machine that matter – the parts that pay dues back to Education Minnesota and thence the DFL – funded one way or another).

In the meantime, the Minnesota media is parroting the schools’ line that graduation rates are “rising”, albeit slowly.   This, a year after they rapturously reported a big jump.

Unmentioned; we got a big jump after Minnesota dropped its graduation testing.   So of course we had a big jump one year, followed by a trickle of “improvement” since then.

In unrelated news that’s probably related?  They also lowered the standards to get a GED.  So that’s looking better now, too!

4 thoughts on “They Don’t Give Participation Trophies For Life

  1. How about we tighten the borders (legal and illegal) so the teacher don’t have to spend the bulk of their time trying to communicate with people who don’t speak English. What if you had an average child in school who is getting a substandard education because the teachers has to spend most of his class time helping immigrants who don’t have very good English skills and are behind the rest of the class anyway.

  2. Hire me superintendent for $500,000 and I guarantee 100% graduation rates.

    I’ll track down every single student and shove a diploma into their hind pockets.

  3. I don’t know why you continue to torture yourself. We both know nothing is going to change about the NEA schools but the cost, which will always be “more”.

    All you need to know, when it comes to NEA schools is to always say “No”. Of course you’ll be crushed like a bug, and you’ll pay up, but a guy does what a guy can do.

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