“Nobody Wants To Take Your Guns!”

Yes, as a matter of fact, they do.

One of the gun grabbers’ chanting points of late is “Obama hasn’t confiscated a single gun”.  Perhaps, but states like New York, Connecticut and California are.  And Obama needn’t send a single SWAT team out on a single “search and confiscate” mission to “win” his real goal; start changing the culture back to the intolerance of guns we had forty years ago, to set the stage for making the Second Amendment irrelevant.

The good guys can not give ground ever.  Not on anything.  We are dealing with people who are fundamentally dishonest.  We need to treat them as such.

4 thoughts on ““Nobody Wants To Take Your Guns!”

  1. Yes, an over used Nazi reference, but the point remands valid. “When someone says he wants to kill you, believe him.” I believe what the left says amongst themselves. They hate Christians. They hate businesses (even left wing Fortune 100 companies), and they wish we didn’t have firearms other than maybe hunting rifles (but many of them hate hunting).

  2. Whenever someone laments the lack of compromise in D.C. or St. Paul, I know they’re not actually paying attention, but I always ask them, “How do you compromise between diametrically opposite positions?” anyways. That question usually results in a blank stare and some response like, “Huh. What do you mean?” Sometimes I can get them to understand, but sometimes I can’t.

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  4. You know that saying about allowing camel’s nose into a tent? Well, the camel is inside spitting up and shitting all over the place. Just you try and get it out.

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