5 thoughts on “The Question Is Not…

  1. Since we already reward bureaucrats for signing up more people for public assistance and increasing the number of abortions, what is so outrageous about rewarding bureaucrats for disarming the law-abiding?
    Still think that we live in a republic?

  2. I love how far you have to go in the article before you find the names of the two Swedish nuns that fired the guns.

  3. The fundamental mistake Obama is making — and it is a stupid mistake — is to equate terrorism to other tragedies. Car crashes, violence by criminals, things like that. What are a handful of deaths in a nation of 300 milliion+ people?
    It is a mistake because terrorists learn from their mistakes and adjust their plans. Before 9/11, beginning with the WTC bombing, you saw terror attacks increase in complexity and the death toll throughout the 90s.
    Obama’s rhetorical mistake is almost as bad as his stupid mistake. If a few dozen deaths in the US last year due to terrorism weren’t worth getting excited about, than neither are the deaths of a handful of Black parishioners gunned down by a white racist. It’s not an existential threat either.

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