Valeria Silva to the EU?

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Muslim asylum seekers who flooded into Germany are being blamed for crimes far in excess of their proportional representation in the population.
“Last month, the interior ministry in the large south-west state of Baden-Wurttemberg published figures on criminal offences committed by asylum seekers between January and November 2015.

They made alarming reading. Asylum seekers represent one per cent of the population of the state but were involved in five per cent (27,255) of all registered crimes, among them 1,000 cases of grievous bodily harm, 22 of attempted murder, and 700 of domestic burglary. The highest number of offenders were Syrians, committing 5,576 of the offences.
Andre Schulz, head of Germany’s criminal police association, said recently that in his experience 10 per cent of the migrants would turn to criminality, including theft, sexual assault or drug dealing.”

SITD readers know that singling out one minority group for punishment is discrimination and the St. Paul School method is the only fair way to go:  stop arresting Muslim men, regardless how many offenses they commit, and release as many convicted criminals from jail as required to achieve proportional representation.

Joe Doakes

It no way contradictory to say “most Muslim immigrants may be perfectly fine additions to American society” and “an unprecedented, large minority believe in murder and rape as instruments of jihad, and are out to do just that”.

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