Crime Tips From Mike Freeman

A friend sends this passage from Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, on KSTP news last night:

Today’s crime tips from Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman:

“If you’re going to rob or burglered (sic) you know, the burgluring you can do in an unoccupied home and take the stuff and get out of there. If you’re going to rob a person you knock them down, take their money, and go. You don’t kill them.” – KSTP News at 6:30

i’m sure that will help.

10 thoughts on “Crime Tips From Mike Freeman

  1. So is Mike suggesting you rob an unoccupied location because there’s no pesky witnesses that you may need to kill, or is he merely saying that if you’re going to rob an unoccupied location, don’t kill anyone that isn’t there?

  2. JPA…..saw it on 2 local news broadcasts last night. There is no context. Above is what he said. I think Freeman was trying to say that once you commit your crime of theft, please don’t kill anyone. You’ve already gotten your free items, no need to murder.
    But yeah, he came across as though he was saying that breaking in or mugging someone is okay. Its when you kill someone is when law enforcement has to step in and do something.

  3. Not surprising since the current state law only allows DGU in the case of imminent death or bodily injury. You cannot use your gun outside of your house to protect mere property unless the robber is also pointing a gun at you making threatening motions (I believe). If he holds up a knife and says “gimme all your money” but doesn’t advance at you, you aren’t even allowed to brandish to say “you brought a knife to a gun fight”.

    (of course, we know knives are more quickly able to be used at a distance of less than 21 feet, than drawing a gun from a holster, but that requires training and practice, and most petty knife-wielding crooks would run or piss their pants if they saw a gun pointed back at them)

    I also remember reading an absolutely infuriating story a few years ago of a letter some liberal loon in S Mpls wrote, to report that while they were cross country skiing in a Mpls park, she was raped and her 2 daughters were molested by some punks. She felt sorry for the thugs and wished she could have given them her skis afterwards to make them feel better. She didn’t want to prosecute them. When people are willing to suffer physical harm and lose property because they feel sorry for others who commit crime against them….there is absolutely no hope for them.

  4. unless the robber is also pointing a gun at you making threatening motions

    errr….unless the robber is also pointing a weapon at you making threatening motions

  5. Gosh, it is as if thugs know that they won’t face the death penalty here if they kill their victim.

    Unless, of course, they have the bad luck to rob a permit holder and attack him afterwards.

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