Whole Ma’alot o’ Love

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

A buddy sent me this proposal to fight Islamic terror with unconventional tactics.

What if we armed teachers and others but when the next terrorist attack happens and the terrorists are gunned down, rather than credit the armed citizens, the official narrative given to all media outlets is that Wonder-woman did it?

Why not? If it’s on every channel on TV and also on the internet, it must be true, right? So make her real. Launch a coordinated propaganda effort to show that we have real superheroes in this nation, with super powers and invisible aircraft, etc. Buy airtime for re-runs of the TV show on every channel. Tell the world that she dropped some bombs from super high up to kill the Bad Guys here . . . and she can do it to you over there, too. We aren’t even going to bother sending our Marines, this job doesn’t need real men, we let our women handle piss-ants like you.

Plant talking heads on talk-show panels to debate whether her invisible aircraft is truly invisible or merely stealth. The underlying, unspoken assumption is that obviously Wonder-woman exists and so does her plane, that’s a given, while emphasizing that Wonder-woman’s airplane is undetectable and the question is how. The administration refuses to confirm or deny, of course.

Take the show on the road. Warn the locals in Syria that Wonder-woman is up there in her invisible plane. Leaflet them ahead of time even, warn them the invisible plane will be overhead to kill all terrorists at 11:00. Then dump the bombs on a known target at 11:00. It wouldn’t be that hard to engineer some glider bombs to whisk in sub-sonic, no rockets or other noise.

Worked in WWII. She was a source of pride for us and danger to the enemy. No, maybe Hitler and his high level goons didn’t believe, but the little fish who make things work may have doubts and anything that works to undermine confidence in their side, weakens their support.

Later, we’ll work Captain America into the program.

Joe Doakes


5 thoughts on “Whole Ma’alot o’ Love

  1. In the words of Arthur C. Clarke (more or less), any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced. ;^)

  2. Every Glerbal Werming fanatic is already on board with this plan; heart and soul. They just need to be notified there is a consensus.

  3. We all know the best way to fight terrorism is to kill global warming deniers and Trump supporters. Also kill their families and pets.

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