Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The fact that Jamar Clark has a felony armed-robbery conviction, pending charges for fleeing police in a high-speed chase and for violence against another woman, beat this woman badly enough she needed paramedics and then interfered with the paramedics rendering medical treatment to the women he beat, are sufficient facts for me to conclude that this is a person of Bad Character.

That’s not airtight proof that he acted in conformity with his Bad Character when the police arrived. It’s not conclusive proof that he fought the police and tried to kill them with their own guns. There’s eyewitness testimony on both sides of the issue, both sides have motive to lie so that’s a wash, and the video hasn’t been released yet. Who to believe comes down to reputation and character.

As between a person of Bad Character and a couple of cops who have unblemished reputations (as far as I know), I’m inclined to suspect the suspect did act in conformity with his Bad Character, did engage in another instance of assaultive behavior, did try to gain a weapon he could use to murder the police, did put the cops into a life-and-death struggle, and therefore did, in fact, deserve to be shot, and shot as many times as it took for him to stop trying to kill them.  

Notice I did not mention the word “Black.” That’s because race doesn’t matter to this analysis. This is about human nature, about how people really act in the real world. When a guy with a history of violence threatens violence, reasonable people believe him, as his ex-girlfriend believed he really did intend to burn her alive. Later, when the cops shoot him, it’s reasonable to believe he was beating on them as he beat on his new girlfriend. I’m not drawing a legal conclusion, my conclusion is not admissible in a court of law, but I think it’s an entirely reasonable at this stage of the proceedings to strongly suspect that the dead guy deserved it.

Also, speaking of character, I note Governor Deer-in-the-Headlights found time to meet with the Bad Character’s family but has not found time to visit the only true victim in this situation, the domestic abuse victim. His priorities lay revealed. 

Domestic Abuser Lives Matter?

Joe Doakes

True to form, the DFL is following the advice of its Lord and Savior, Rahm Emanuel: never waste a crisis.

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  1. Yes indeed!

    Governor Jim Beam shows his commitment to diversity. Just look at his “diverse”, lilly white cabinet.

  2. MSM is reporting the incident as “Clark was allegedly interfering with paramedics treating a woman”. What they leave out is that they were trying to treat the girl he ruthlessly beat. Possibly trying to get her away so she couldn’t report the beating.
    As we saw in the 2008 Democrat primary, black trumps female.

  3. Joe, I agree 100% with what you have said; your logic is unimpeachable.

    Yet, let us not forget that the Chicago cop charged with murder today, enjoyed a full year of immunity from scrutiny, through the active participation of CPD, until the video was wrenched from CPD’s hands.

    Throughout the year, the CPD had issued statements, all true, that spoke to the deceased’s Bad Character. If that video had not existed, the copper surely would have walked.

    Speaking of which, I also heard this morning, that CPD coppers went to a Burger King near the site of the shooting, and erased all the video from the parking lot cameras, but while they successfully destroyed that evidence….they were recorded while they carried out the destruction.

    I’ve said it before, I’ll keep sayin’ it: Not every copper is a crook; not every copper is a liar, but every copper knows one that is; and says nothing.

  4. Ouch on Chicago. Sounds like a much bigger issue there than just one rogue officer, but rather a culture that needs to be transformed.

    My company competes with another company that did about the best thing possible when they bought out a supplier that had gone chapter 7; they kept everybody below the director level and fired everyone above. They then could rebuild the corporate culture. Apparently there is evidence that needs to happen in the Windy City.

  5. In Chicago, like Minneapolis/St. Paul, the election that matters is the Democrat Primary, unless the Endorsement is the vote that counts. From there, the people are so trained to vote left that video evidence AND a signed confession showing the candidate hiring a hit man while paying off the judge to refuse all warrant requests and giving Enron permission to dig an oil well in your actual back yard at the same time they are literally in bed with a live boy and dead girl wouldn’t be enough to lose them the general.

  6. Joe, I hear BLM is harping about a couple of excessive force complaints in the officers’ pasts. No word on the decisions in those complaints, but since I don’t remember the news stories saying the officers were found to have used excessive force, my bet is they were thrown out.

  7. “Joe, I hear BLM is harping about a couple of excessive force complaints in the officers’ pasts.”
    Not admissable.
    If you are ever asked, during a law exam, “what is ‘evidence’?”, the answer is that evidence is that which may be considered a proof of fact. It’s rules based, not common-sense based.
    Emphasis on “may be considered”. That’s where a good lawyer can game the system.

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