Whose Privilege, Now?

The protests in Missouri have brought the notion of “Privilege” out in the open with full red-faced screaming anger, and jabbed it straight into our faces.

PC Alert!

Oh, sure – “white privilege”.  Yep, that too.

In seeing the iconic photo of Professor  Click calling in “muscle” to eject a student “journalist” from public space, as he tried to cover a protest about “privilege”, I’m reminded of an episode I had recently with a local “Black Lives Matter” sympathizer/activist.

We were on a neighborhood Facebook page, discussing a BLM rally that’d just happened in my neighborhood.

I asked the woman a simple question; with the stipulation that “white privilege” exists, I asked her “what should we do about it?”

Her answer was the sort of condescension that comes from deep insecurity; “you wouldn’t understand, because of your privilege”.

I bit my tongue and refrained from responding “Ma’am?  You’re a professional in one of the soft sciences; you have an advanced degree, a practice, an upper-middle-class income by Twin Cities standards (which means you’re phenomenally wealthy by world standards), and an entree into upper-middle-class society.  I’m a freelance IT user experience consultant.  Who’s got the “privilege”, here?

It’s like when Nekima Levy-Pounds blows up an interview by pulling the “white privilege” lever; she’s a woman with a PhD in a very soft humanities area, and a tenured, all but unemployment proof job and an upper-middle-class salary and lifestyle, lecturing white roofing and siding contractors, delivery drivers and overnight Target shelf-stockers about their “privilege”.

There is all sorts of “privilege” out there; I was privileged to grow up in a family with married parents that stayed together until I was an adult; I’m privileged that my ancestors came to this country of their own free will, from a society with a history of stabbing and burning anyone who’d tried to enslave them, thus avoiding all the social pathologies that befall people with long histories of brutal persecution (white southern Scots-Irish, Armenians, and yes, even Jews).

And above all, class – a “privilege” that most of the American Left shares.  The essential Victor Davis Hanson notes that the left is harping on “white privilege” to draw attention away from  the “class privilege” that affects so much more of society – but benefits the left pretty handsomely.

7 thoughts on “Whose Privilege, Now?

  1. Speaking of white privilege:

    “Mizzou hunger striker protesting ´white privilege´has a father making $6 million last year” in American Thinker, by Thomas Lifson

  2. One of the original victims was quoted in an article saying that he’d suffered micro-aggressions but being called the n-word was the first time he’d ever dealt with overt racism.

  3. JPA….yeah, and his family net worth is estimated to be $20M. Ohhhh times is tough. Looks like little rich white kids from Macalester is now little rich black kids from Missouri.
    Note to you losers in Missouri. Good luck getting a job with this on your resume. Would you hire someone who is probably going to sue all of his/her future employers for racial discrimination?

  4. This rancid woman is crawling, squirting tears to save her job….she wants, what?


    I think she deserves exactly as much understanding and forgiveness as she extended to the President of Mizzou. These leftist slobs need some tough love if we ever expect them to be able to function in normal society.

  5. remember these folks are just acting as their professors and their professors before them have taught them.

    chuck, exactly! what employer would want any of this nest of vipers in their workplace.

  6. As a former basketball player fro the inner city of St. Paul, my pick-up game name was “honky” and “cracker.” Can I sue? Can I get some free counseling or some quick cash for “anguish?”

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