The Peasants Are Restless

A Survey USA poll shows Hillary losing to every single GOP candidate.

In Minnesota.


Longtime friend of the blog Fresch Fisch writes in re poll (about which more later today):

I predict the Minnesota Poll will come out in a couple of weeks showing her back on top.


But she won’t just be back on top, but on top by a margin guaranteed to discourage GOP turnout.

8 thoughts on “The Peasants Are Restless

  1. I call on Minnesota leftists to start a hunger strike to protest this racist, misogynist poll. No cross-tab loopholes; no food!

  2. The press pushed Sanders as a viable candidate because Hillary’s poll numbers are awful. Most people don’t want her to be president, and most people are not willing to change their minds about her.
    Of course, all that matters is that 50% + 1 cast a vote for Hillary next November. There is more at stake for the Dems than the GOP in 2016. The GOP holds the senate, the house, and a distinct majority of state governors and legislatures. If the Deems don’t get the presidency in 2016, they will be forced to face the fact that they are a minority party. They will have to turn right.

  3. I hope to see Stewart Mills win this time.
    As for Hillary……shall we ask her if men wearing dresses should be able to share a bathroom with your daughter? Or better yet, if she agrees with the Obama administration that schools have to let boys shower with girls. Come sHillary, lets see you spin that one. As we saw in liberal Houston, the loony left may have finally pushed their agenda too far.

  4. Expect the dfl to be handing out pre-filled voter registration cards to the Syrian refugees when they get off the bus

  5. Great point, Chuck;

    So far, I have had that same argument with two lefty women that were berating the evil GOP for being so inflexible on LGBT issues.
    Both of these women have very attractive teenage daughters, 16 and 15 respectively.

    My question to both of them was simply; would you allow your daughters to shower in their locker rooms with a transgender boy that is 17 or 18? Before they could answer, I followed on with, would you do so at the local fitness club?

    One of them had the stupidity to reply that the point was individual rights. My snap back answer was; “Oh, so only the transgender boy has rights?” Then I went right back to my earlier questions, but then I asked their husbands, who, because they are emasculated wimps, refused to answer.

    Pretty much shut the conversation down.

  6. Chuck, Proposition One was crushed 61-39. Last time I checked, I don’t think any liberal agenda items passed. But they sure did try!

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