In yesterday’s piece, where we caught Heather Martens lying about a 911 call in Colorado in a fundraising letter to fellow liberals with deep pockets, she also noted:

P.S.: During the past few weeks, Protect MN has appeared on KMOJ and KARE-11. The Star Tribune recently published an op-ed from Protect MN in the Sunday opinion section. Your support makes it possible for our voice to be heard.

It’s been established that the KARE bears didn’t pay $1,500 for the pleasure of Martens’ presence; she had demanded that amount to have a “conversation about guns” on the NARN.

I’m curious – did she charge the Strib or KMOJ (a lower-power community-FM station in North Minneapolis)?

I’ll be checking in with KMOJ later today.

3 thoughts on “Curiosity

  1. ask KMOJ to book you or one of the GOCRA people for an interview – let the black audience of N Mpls know that gun control laws disproportionately target and harm their community

  2. I agree with the concept of getting your message out in areas that normally don’t vote conservative. If a large group of people are never exposed to a different viewpoint, you only have to peel away a small number to make a difference.

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