As If On Cue

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

On October 14, Dayton told people in St. Cloud that Democrats are dead-set on transforming Minnesota into a Third World state and if White people don’t like it, they should leave. The governor explicitly endorsed White Flight as a solution to racial tension. 

At last we can answer the perennial question: “Why are so many talented people leaving Minnesota?” Because you told us to. Can’t wait for real estate values to come back enough that I can afford to take him up on it. 

Joe Doakes

Well, to be fair, his ancestors moved from Dayton’s Bluff to Kenwood…

3 thoughts on “As If On Cue

  1. Dayton explicitly favors the foreign born over native Minnesotans. Sheesh.
    “Our economy cannot expand based on, white, B+, Minnesota-born citizens.”
    Keep in mind that Dayton did nothing to earn his vast wealth and was a legacy admit to Yale. After Yale, he had to bribe a NY City school district to hire him as a teacher at a poor school. No wonder he has self-esteem problems.

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  3. PM;

    Yes, and then as soon as a Minnesota company announces lay offs, he always questions “their commitment to Minnesota.”

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