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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Immigrants stormed the Chunnel and got 10 miles toward Britain before police stopped them.  Refugees or invaders?
New estimates show the vast wave of immigrants moving to Europe is about 25% refugees fleeing violence in Syria, and the rest young men from Balkan countries looking for a better welfare deal in Northern countries, hoping they can bring their families to join them.  They’re not fleeing violence, just Third World squalor, possibly of their own making.  Northern Europeans are showing signs of reluctance to admit unlimited numbers of violent freeloaders and the usual suspects are aghast.  How to explain the problem in terms ordinary people can understand?
You’re at home.  It’s a stormy night.  There’s a knock at the door.  You flip on the light and see a family huddled on your stoop.  “Our car broke down, it’s pouring, we saw your light; can we wait inside for our ride?”  Sure, why not?   As you’re getting them towels, another knock.  More stranded motorists, needing more towels, and something hot to drink.  Another knock, a bunch of young men who saw the lights and figured there was a party, some head to the kitchen to raid your fridge and one is feeling up your daughter.  Another knock . . . .
At what point do you say “That’s it! This is my house, everybody get the hell out!”
Joe Doakes

Depends on who you ask, naturally.

This is yet another issue where Libertarians – who often favor unrestricted immigration – have their feet planted firmly in the clouds.  Unrestricted immigration may make perfect sense – if the immigrants are all autonomous gentlemen farmers who match the local population of, well, autonomous gentleman farmers.

As opposed to, y’know, uninvited guests.

5 thoughts on “Our House

  1. I’m sympathetic to the Libertarian idea of unlimited immigration without the welfare state. Unfortunately, we’d need to remove the welfare state BEFORE we started talking about removing restrictions on immigration. It’s similar to the idea that we need to fix the border BEFORE talking about amnesty or other solutions to the illegal immigrants already here.

  2. For some reasons, the Europeans don’t seem to want to follow the US “open borders” model.

  3. I say if we have open borders, then lets do away with zoning laws also. I say we set up refugee camps on Summit Avenue, Highland Park, and the Kenwood neighborhood of Minneapolis. Surely the rich enlightened liberals of those neighborhoods will not have a problem with poor peoples of color setting up camps on their street.

  4. Same with schools and clinics. Anyone who supports open borders, then needs to get their medical care in an emergency room jammed with illegals who have no insurance. Your kid wants to learn? Well, your little kids need to sit quietly while the teacher spends the next 3 hours trying to get through to those kids in the classroom who don’t speak English. No elite private school for you.

  5. SmithStCrx, there is a place that features unlimited immigration without the welfare state.


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