Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Never thought of this (hat tip: Powerline).

The real harm is not that Hilary had classified information on her server for our enemies to hack. That was bad.

It’s not even that she wiped the server before giving it to the FBI. That was bad, too.  

It’s that by wiping the server, she let our enemies keep the information they stole . . . but we don’t know what it was. 

Our enemies already knew what information they stole, so wiping the server didn’t harm the enemies. But by wiping the server, Hilary made it impossible for us to know what information they stole. 

Snowden told us what he stole so we know what holes to plug, what agents to pull out, what sources were compromised. But Hilary . . .

Joe Doakes

it’s hard to believe Snowden’s motivations were as cynical, or just plain slothful, as Hillary’s.

3 thoughts on “Comparison

  1. Joe:

    Keep in mind Snowden’s and HIllary’s motives were different.

    Snowden’s goal was to expose secrets and make America look bad. That he did.

    Hillary’s goal was to make sure a bad Republican could never look at any of her emails. While she accomplished that she never realized that she was risking national security and the damage she was doing.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  2. Snowden’s “crime” was that he did what he did under Obama. Had he done this under Bush, the Demonrats would be celebrating him as a hero and he’d still be a cause celebre.

  3. Well, if memory serves, Slick Willy gave the Chinese untold information while he was in office. If I ran the country, there would be a whole bunch of Democrats in prison for treason.

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